With fourth year coming to a close, you start to realize there’s a big difference sometimes between someone in fourth year and first through third. Our priorities have shifted, and our outlook on school has probably changed some.

With that being said, here are 10 for sure signs you’re a fourth year at Brock:

1.You can do a reading response in under an hour.

fire gif

2. Finding a job has taken over your life.



3. You get annoyed when someone asks you what your plans are after you finish school.



4. A Saturday night downtown no longer includes L3 (for various reasons).


5. You can always find free food on campus.



6. You get emotional when thinking about your last night at Isaac’s. ever.



7. The thought of doing another seminar facilitation makes you cringe.


8. But you’re not afraid to defend yourself in seminar anymore.



9. You laugh when you over hear a first year stress about their elective classes.



10. You can’t wait to leave!



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