Happy Wellness Wednesday Brock Badgers! If you are like me, you may find yourself slightly addicted to Instagram and refreshing your Instagram feed every other hour. Instagram entertains me on those breaks between my classes, distracts me when I am waiting in long lines, and helps me pass the time when I am on the bus. Instagram can also be useful towards promoting self worth. It is a great idea to also follow Instagram accounts that promote positive attitudes towards bodily and mental health and and accounts that can motivate you, make you feel good about yourself, and make you want to be a better version of yourself all with a simply swipe of a finger. For this Wellness Wednesday I have compiled a list of 10 Instagram accounts that inspire both bodily and mental health.


1) MindBodyGreen
While simultaneously vibrant and peaceful, MindBodyGreen captures inspirational quotes, recipes for healthy meals, cool yoga poses and tips to reduce anxiety, all with the focus on improving the way you live. Follow MindBodyGreen now and check out their new featured enchanting DIY body scrub titled “Love Scrub”.


2) NatalieJillFill

If you are like me and cannot bring yourself to pay for a gym membership, Natalie Jill reminds you that you can workout easily at home. Following the Instagram account of Natalie Jill, certified trainer and a “multi passionate, easily distracted optimist” is a smart idea because she posts daily videos of simple exercise routines that anyone can do. These exercises don’t even require equipment! Natalie is friendly and encouraging and she also posts inspirational quotations for further motivation and self confidence.


3) Healthy is the New Skinny 

Healthy is the New Skinny is a lifestyle brand that creates body-positive products and their instagram account features posts that emphasizes how despite media’s assertion that there is an ideal beauty image, you are beautiful and you are lovable even if you do not fit this “ideal.” This account promotes the idea of constructing a healthy image especially for girls and women, who are constantly told how they have to look like by various places in society.


4) Proud2BMe

Do you want to change the way society talks about food, weight & body image? So does Proud2BMe. Their posts are filled with useful information and emphasizes the idea that all body types are to be celebrated in order for you to be Proud2BU.


5) Mental Health Daily
This Instagram account features a post daily and assures you not to be afraid to talk about mental health. Their posts are either inspirational or are also there as reminders to you that you are not alone. This account allows you to see that others are open to talking about their mental health, and it even features quotes from celebrities.
6) The Self Love Project 
The Self Love Project is described as a “non-profit, self love mentoring curriculum that empowers young women to love, trust, and nurture themselves.” Yet, their message is universal and relates to all – it is wildly important to love yourself, and you deserve to be allowed to do so. This account shares uplifting affirmations that promotes healthy self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle.


7) BreakYoStigma

BreakYoStigma describes themselves as “an outlet for mental health, building a community for those of us suffering from mental illness and loved ones in our support system”. What’s appreciated about BreakYoStigma is that they not only strive to break the shameful stigma towards mental health, but many of their posts also add in some light-hearted humour. You can check out their website, www.breakyostigma.org for more information.


8) The Chalkboard Mag 

The Chalkboard Mag features daily posts that are colorful and aesthetically pleasing, and the goal of the account is to offer a guide to living well. Their posts feature insight on natural beauty, healthy eating, products for positive energy and vibes and sometimes they even feature giveaways!


9) BeFitSmoothies
If you are as obsessed as I am with discovering fun, healthy and delicious new smoothie recipes, than BeFitSmoothies is definitely an account for you. Just looking at their posts of their smoothies is enough to make you drool and head towards your blender to whip up a delicious treat. This account also allows you to submit your photo to be potentially featured.


10) Eff Your Beauty Standards

Eff Your Beauty Standards is an account dedicated to spreading the message that your beauty is not determined by the size you wear. By unapologetically featuring women of all body sizes, this account strives to tell you to embrace your body and wear yourself with confidence.