One of the many things that Brock is known for is the giant tower that stands in the middle of our campus. This tower is home to our massive library and if you are or have ever been a student at Brock, you know that this is a main study spot. If you spend any time here, you can bet that you’ll see at least one of these people:

1. Study Master


These students don’t mess around when it comes to getting the job done. They’ll probably come equipped with at least three books, a laptop (with a charger), two meals (so they don’t have to leave anytime soon) and a long to-do list.

2. Group “Workers”


Between discussing classes and showing each other funny videos, this group “work” session is more like a social event. It’s never an easy task to sit down and focus on school work when there’s usually at least one in the group like this ^

3. Loud Laugher


Whether they’re watching a video, talking to their friends or receiving a funny text, you’re going to know about it because their laugh sounds like it’s connected to an amplifier.

4. Studying Stunna


Seeing this person in the library leaves you feeling blessed – you might start to question if they’re real or not. Either way, if you plan on getting any work done you’ll need to relocate away from this fine work of art.

5. Screen Skimmer


Their phone is always vibrating and their thumb is in constant scrolling movement. Honestly it’s debatable if they even realize they’re sitting in a library. #distracted

6. Mr(s). Social


PSA: The upper levels of the library (at least 8-10) are reserved for quiet working space. These people definitely missed that memo because they still think it’s okay to answer their phone and talk loudly to the person on the other end.

7. Captain Crunch


Not as bad as the person talking loudly on the phone, but there’s just something unsettling about hearing someone chewing their food at the desk beside you when you’re trying to concentrate. Don’t get me wrong, I know we all need to eat – but maybe save the bag of chips for the first floor.

8. Daydreamer


You start to think that there has to be something interesting on the wall behind you, but when you turn around it becomes pretty obvious that this person is just off in their own world thinking about who knows what.

9. People Watcher


Spends more time scanning people walking by than scanning their books. If this is you, you’ll probably get more work done if you get one of those one-person study rooms (but how boring would that be?!)

10. Sleeping beauty


Studying the back of their eyelids instead of actually studying. The best is when they start to snore and their cover is blown.


So Badgers, which have you seen? And more importantly, which one are you and your friends? If you’re sitting in the library right now – take a look around and you’re guaranteed to see a few of these profiles, for your sake I hope it’s your own Studying Stunna.


  1. Isaac says:

    I was always sleeping beauty

  2. Some dude says:

    Good paper Maddy