For some of you who still consider GB to be just an on-campus convenient store, some recent changes have seriously upgraded GB in recent months. In case your still wondering why it’s always so busy, here are 10 things you didn’t know GB offered:

Shawarma & Halal options:

That’s right! New to GB this year, they usually sell-out at lunch time. Not only does it taste good, it’s also very affordable!


5 cent Candy Bins:

Just like a kid in a candy store, you can now hand pick all of your favourite candy for just five cents a piece.


Cash Back:

Instead of paying those annoying ATM fees, you can now get cash back with your morning coffee.


Social Media:

Want to know the daily soup specials? Or what’s on sale? Check out GB’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. They also have Snapchat @general.brock



With some being as little as $4.20, this is another healthy option for lunch or dinner while still staying on budget. GB will also microwave these for you in-store.


You can re-stock your medicine cabinet:

If you ever have a headache at school and find yourself in desperate need of Advil, or need some other essentials like a toothbrush or shampoo, GB has your back!


Re-usable coffee cups:

After seeing how many coffee cups the store was going through, GB decided to give out re-usable ones! Keep this coffee cup with you year-round and a large will only cost you $1.25.


Art Wall:

Want your recent art piece on display? Check out GB’s art wall where Brock students display their recent works. Ask in-store if you want your piece up there!


Board Games:

Need to de-stress in between classes? Grab one of GB’s board games in the lounge and play with friends. Not to mention it’s FREE!


Endless variety of in-store specials:

GB has always believed in saving student’s money and not over charging. They are one of the most affordable places on-campus for students and always have daily specials.


I think it’s safe to say GB is looking out for students and their bank accounts! What did we miss? Let us know in the comment section another reason to go to GB!