While sitting through hours of lectures throughout the last four years of my Brock career, I noticed over the last semester many of the thoughts running through my mind during lecture are repetitive. Which then got me thinking, who else has thought the same thing at some point?

Here are ten thoughts every student has during lecture:

1. Why did she dress up for this?


2. I’m hungry. I wonder if GB has any shawarma left?


3. He has a PhD, why can’t he work the projector?


4. If I sit near the back maybe I can just sign the attendance sheet and leave early.


5. Ugh, no. My TA is watching and he’s actually a really nice guy.

6. I’m about to roast this prof on course evaluations.



7. Only ten minutes left, I’m just going to pack up.

8. Focus!

9. Did she say exam question? Better highlight that.

Camera 360


10. I’m just going to open Facebook quickly.