Summer is fast approaching and whether you want to travel internationally or locally, here are 10 easy tips to save you some money while travelling.

#1 – AirBnB vs. Hostel?

If you’re travelling solo, a hostel is your cheapest bet. You pay for a bed and can choose between dorm options plus you get to meet travellers from all around the world and make new friends. However, if you’re travelling in a group, AirBnB might end up being cheaper in the long run since you can divide the cost of the same house/room. Plus there’s usually a kitchen where you can cook instead of eating out (another money saving tip).

A good site for hostels:

#2 – Cheap flights

If you’re trying to book a cheap flight look for deals on websites like or However, be aware that sometimes that really unbelievably cheap flight might not be legit, so ALWAYS confirm with the airline directly before or after booking to prevent any future stress.

#3 – Avoid “touristy” spots

Now we all know that we’re tourists in a new city/country, but some places like restaurants jack up the prices if a lot of tourists go there. So talk to the locals (Airbnb host or hostel staff can help too) to figure out the hidden spots that locals go to, that also end up being considerably cheaper.

#4 – Use every free opportunity 

Go to a park, or a market, see the sunset or sunrise, walk everywhere you can (you end up seeing more of the place that way anyway), or go hiking. There are lots of free things to do. Have this mindset: If its free, it’s for me.

#5 – Pack LIGHT

Packing light will ensure that you don’t get extra baggage fees from the airline AND you have more space to bring back souvenirs!

#6 – Get a local SIM

Instead of worrying about roaming fees, its better to just get a pre-loaded local SIM card with data that you don’t have to pay extra fees for.

#7 – location, location, location

Where you book you accommodation is super important. You might find a really cheap spot to stay at but it might be miles away from all the major sites you want to see. You’ll end up spending more money and time on public transportation that way, so in hindsight its better to pay those extra bucks for better location and accessibility.

#8 – Look for student discounts

Many countries offer discounted prices for museums and tickets if you’re under a certain age, so always look for those and take advantage of them. You won’t be young forever!

#9 – Eat out at lunch

Lunch prices are often cheaper than dinner prices, so if you’re eating out, try to go during lunch hours and have a BIG lunch so you’re satisfied for longer.

#10 – Stick to your budget!

I know spontaneous trips are often more fun than the planned ones, but if you have a budget make sure you don’t exceed it in the name of spontaneity. Know your financial limitations and stick to them and you’ll be happier in the long run!

Hope you enjoyed these tips, and if you have any of your own, sound off below in the comments! Happy Travelling!

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