Whether you’re living with your parents full-time or you go home for the holiday’s, adult children and ‘adult’ parents under the same roof can be a recipe for disaster. Most of us know the pains involved with co-habitating with parents. You think you’re an adult, and your schedule is your own. But think again, here are 15 common struggles of living with your parents!

1. Walking in the door and immediately being bombarded with questions. Oh, the never ending questions! We know they mean well, our lovely parents, but after the millionth question, our eyes naturally begin to roll.
2. Privacy, what privacy? Let’s be real, when you live with your family, no space is yours…
Like literally nowhere and nothing is just “yours”.
3. Your every whereabouts must be known at all times. When you’re living on your own, parents tend not to worry about what you’re up to. But when you live at home, all of your actions have to be communicated and justified.
4. House rules. Every family has them and we must abide. But some rules like curfew can straight up make you feel like a child.
5. Speaking of feeling like a child, you’re in that awkward stage where you’re trying to be a functional adult, yet as long as you’re living at home, you’ll always be the ‘kid’.
6. You can no longer do absolutely nothing without a hefty side of guilt.
7. Chores. Yes, we should definitely be pulling our weight around the household but come on, no one likes chores. 
8. Coming home after a night of drinking only to run into your parents. Either you’re the type of person who can turn into a perfect citizen at the sight of parents or NOT. 
9. You sometimes feel embarrassed telling new people where you live. 
10. Bringing a hookup or partner home means they will 100% end up meeting your family and if they come over consistently, they’ll have to get used to hanging with everyone! 
11. Sex is utterly impossible without the fear of someone hearing you, or worse, walking in on you!
12. You feel slightly disconnected from your peers and feel like you’re missing out at times. 
13. Most nights are spent with your family. 
14. Fights are inevitable. Living in such close quarters with your parents/or siblings while trying to deem your independence can sometimes cause tension. You just gotta learn to “roll” with it. 
15. Finally, people will keep asking you when you’re going to move out.
Though at times living at home can be challenging, there are still so many amazing benefits!

Whether you live at home for free or pitch in a little rent, you’re still saving an immense amount of money. 
Food, glorious food! That stuff is expensive and one of the best perks of living with self-sufficient adults like your parents is that they can actually provide you with homemade meals and a fridge stocked with goodies. 
And nothing beats the unconditional love and support that you receive pretty much 24/7 while living at home. 
So, here’s to our awesome parents, who continue to put up with us…maybe forever.