Hey Badgers,

It’s December which means that it’s basically The Holidays, which means that all your friends will want to Secret Santa. Secret Santa, or any type of gift exchange, can be really fun, but when you are shopping for more then one person – it can great really pricey. Don’t feel like you have to break the bank in order to get something for everyone. Put your DIY skills to the test and make something from nothing! Here’s some ideas of gifts you can put together with little effort while still getting the most for your dollar:

Hot Chocolate Mason Jars:

Lets face it, almost everyone loves hot chocolate. It’s a great gift to give out during the holidays because you can get a number of the supplies in bulk in baking stores – which saves you quite a lot! Layering the different ingredients creates a final product with striking visuals. It’s also simple to personalize each one to cater to the specific tastes of your friends.

Personalized Coffee Mugs & Saucers:

DIYs by The Sweetest Occasion

Because what’s a cup of cocoa without a cup with your name on it. Believe it or not, making a personalized cup isn’t hard at all. All you really need is a sharpie and an oven. The hardest part is writing on a surface that is curved. One of my favourites only requires nail polish! Find out how to make the awesome water colour mugs above here!

Homemade Bath Bombs:

The world is obsessed with bath bombs, so why not give someone you care about a bath bomb with a personalized scent! I will be honest, making a bath bomb will take a lot of patience and time, but it’s always worth it in the end. Turn your friends bath tub into a galaxy, or into anything you can set your mind to. There are some other tools you will need to buy, like a bath bomb mold but you can find those online for as low as $2! Making bath bombs is also a great self-care and an awesome way to relax during exam season. Here’s a DIY on how to make a bath bomb!

The things you can make for a gift exchange really are endless. It may seem like doing a DIY project would be a waste of time, but I’m sure all your friends will love a personalized gift that is unique to them! This article barely scrapes the surface of the things you can make with your hands! Who says that arts and crafts aren’t for university students? Try something new this holiday season, and make something. What are some of your favourite DIY Holiday Gifts? Let us know!

Have a great weekend!