Welcome back, Badgers! Well, summer has officially come to an end. I know, I know, no one is ever too happy to see the end of summer, but it’s time to get back into school-mode, back on the school grind and make this year at Brock a successful one.


Now I know it’s never too easy to get back into school-mode after being away from it for 4 months. Sometimes it gets tough to wake up for those early classes, or start concentrating on your homework again. Well, to ensure that the progression from summer-mode to school-mode goes smoothly, here’s a few tips to help you get back into the swing of things:

  1. Fill out your calendar

To ensure that your due dates don’t sneak up on you, make sure you go through your classes syllabuses and determine all your important due dates. It really helps if you put it in your agenda, or your calendar,  so you can keep track on the work that needs to be done and when it needs to be handed in!

2. Visit your friends (obviously)


Haven’t seen your school pals all summer? Well, make sure you take the time out of your schedule to go and see all those you haven’t for the past 4 months. This way, you and your pals can all get back into the groove of school together. 

3. Go to all your classes


I know, some times it can be hard. Especially those early morning classes, but ensure that you go to all of them! It may be hard to get back into it and you may find it hard to concentrate on school work again, but for now, put in the effort and keep on top of things!

4. Get back into routine

Having a routine can really help you get back into the swing of things as well. Class, home, dinner, gym, study— it can be as simple as planning out your days, and making sure you stick to it. This will motivate you to follow routine and get the most out of your days.


Hopefully these quick and easy tricks can ensure that you get back into school-mode, and help you make the most out of this upcoming school year!