5 Reasons to Travel Abroad as Part of Your Brock Degree

1. You Can Travel How You Want

Photo: Education Abroad website

 Interested in spending a week or two in another country and getting academic credit? Looking for a multi-week program that includes service learning? Always dreamed of living in another country? All of these are possible.

At Brock, we have field courses that are a great choice if you want to see another part of the world and get academic credit. We also have study-abroad programs, which is a great option if you want a more in-depth experience than a field course. Finally, there are exchanges! This is one of the most exciting options if you’ve always dreamed of living in another country, because you have the choice of spending either a semester or a year at one of Brock’s partner institutions.

2. You Can Go (Almost) Anywhere

Brock has over 40 partner institutions in over 20 countries around the world, including Scotland, South Korea, Brazil, Jamaica, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia. The short-term programs offer even more possible destinations so you have the chance to visit the places that interest you. One of the best parts about going on exchange is that you have time to travel throughout the semester, so you’ll be able to visit other cities, or even other countries!

3. You Can Get Academic Credit

 If you want your travel experience to contribute to your Brock degree, take a look at the exchange programs and field courses. These are incredible opportunities to get credit toward your degree, and take classes that might not be available here at Brock. It’s also a chance to really get to know what you’re studying firsthand—for example, the ORA Summer Language Program allows you to study French while living in France!

4. You Can Gain Work and Volunteer Experience


Photo: Education Abroad website

If you’re more interested in experiential learning opportunities, check out Brock’s short-term programs. For example, the Brock Abroad: Namibia program incorporates business, cultural, and academic experiences, while the University of Florida/Walt Disney World Resort Academic Exchange Program gives you the opportunity to work at Disney while learning about business and the tourism industry.

5. You Can Travel With Other Students

On e of the great things about being a student is that there are travel companies dedicated to students, offering student discounts and trips geared toward specific age groups. Contiki is one of these travel groups, and has partnered with BUSU this year to offer students discounts on their trips! Contiki runs trips all around the world, ranging in length anywhere from several days to several weeks. Use the promo code PPCBROCK to get $100 off a trip!

Traveling abroad, whether it’s as an exchange, part of a field course, or with a travel group, is an absolutely incredible experience. There are enormous benefits to traveling during your degree, including gaining academic credit, learning in different environments, getting work and volunteer experience, and personal development.

To learn more about the programs that Brock offers, check out the Education Abroad website here.

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