On the first of the month, I woke up in much surprise to see the word February on my iPhone lock screen. The word brings a few thoughts to mind; couples, mushy Instagram posts, the “look how great my partner is” snapchats, and most of  my friends in relationships bragging about  their romantic plans. For us single people, that’s not the reality, and hen you sit back and think about it; us single people are the real winners and here is why:



#1. You save money:
We’re students! The other day I paid for a beer with quarters, I clearly can’t afford to spoil someone else. No Valentine means no spending money on another person. Think about it, gifts, cards, dinner, flowers, chocolate…it all adds up and skipping out will save you some serious cash. You don’t need some special person to buy you a gift, treat yourself! You deserve it and you probably would’ve spent the money anyways if in a relationship. This way you will get exactly what you want.

#2. No pressure or stress:
With our constant engagement to the internet and social media sites, people are filled with extremely elaborate ideas about Valentines day. You do not need that type of pressure or stress in your life. With the immediate sharing of every aspect of our lives via social media platforms, every move you make is being compared to someone else and Valentines day will not be any different. When you are single you do not have to worry about having the best surprise, being the cutest, the most thoughtful or giving the perfect gift.


#3. An excuse to get together with your single friends:
Why put all your energy into one person when you can spend the day with multiple people you love. Whether you hit the town or stay in, being single on Valentines day gives you an excuse to celebrate your freedom with all your other single friends. If Valentines is about love, who better to spend it with then the people who have always been there for you.


#4. No disappointment:
High expectations are dangerous, especially if Pinterest is involved. It would be rather disappointing if your Valentines day wasn’t exactly what you had hoped it would be. With all the social media hype who knows what your partner would expect from you. Being single, there is no pretending to be surprised, satisfied or having to act like you didn’t put way more effort into your partner’s gift than they did. No expectations, no disappointment.

#5. Chocolate all to yourself:
February is when the candy aisle is looking its best. All of your favourite treats are on sale and waiting to be purchased by you. The best part is that you do not have to share with anyone, nor do you have to impress anyone by refraining from eating an entire box in one sitting. Aside from Halloween, this is a time of year where you can buy as much chocolate as you want without looking out of place. February 15 is the real holiday, cause all the unsold chocolate goes on sale.

Do not let all the showy couples get you down, get out there and celebrate your freedom! Who knows, maybe your future Valentine is out there somewhere doing the same thing.