Hi Badgers! It’s that time of year again—classes are wrapping up, exams are looming on the horizon, and on top of that we need to think about summer jobs. Don’t worry—there are tons of resources for students looking for summer jobs either on or off campus! This week is Student Success Week, so there will be events taking place every day based on developing job search skills. Here are 5 tips to help with your summer job search!

1. Look for a job that’s relevant to your field

First, it’s a good idea to try to find a job that has some relevance to what you’d like to do after graduation. This can be challenging if you’re not really sure what you want to do yet—but Campus Career has some great resources that could help. Check out this link to see some career guides based on major. Whatever your major is, you’ll be able to see a list of potential career options and you can start planning from there. If you’re still unsure after browsing the lists, try taking a career assessment—this might give you an idea of how your skills and interests align with various jobs.

 2. Brush up on your resume

A strong resume is the most important starting point in your job search. The same goes for cover letters—being able to write a strong cover letter will help immensely with actually getting interviews.

Not sure where to start? Log in to your Career Zone account, and under “resources” you can access resume and cover letter templates. There are resume templates for a variety of majors, which can be particularly helpful if you’re applying for a job which involves program-specific skills.

This Tuesday (March 13) there will be a workshop called “Developing a Targeted Resume & Cover Letter.” This is an interactive way to develop a strong resume and cover letter. The workshop will be running from 2-4pm in WH 327. Check it out here to sign up!

You can also complete the resume and cover letter workshops available through CareerZone—if you don’t have a current resume, this is a great resource to get started.

3. Update your social media

If you’re looking for a job, it’s a good idea to update your LinkedIn profile. If you’ve never made a profile, or you haven’t had much success with making connections, consider coming to the workshop “Social Media and LinkedIn Profiles,” which is taking place on Wednesday (March 14) from 12:30-3pm in TH 246. This workshop will focus on using online resources to develop a personal brand, and you can have your own profile reviewed. Make sure to sign up!

Personal branding is an important element of online job searches. To learn more about personal branding, attend the “Personal Branding” workshop this Wednesday (March 14) from 9-11:30am in PL 600F. Sign up here.

4. Search job postings

Ok, now you’re ready to actually start the job search! A great resource for jobs is CareerZone—if you’re looking for a job on-campus, there are currently several postings for both full- and part-time summer positions. If you’re heading home for the summer, you can change the settings to look for positions in different cities.

If you’re not sure how the skills you have can be applied to various jobs, come to the workshop “Transferable and Essential Skills Identification” this Monday. The workshop runs from 2-3:30pm in TH 257. Make sure to sign up in advance!

5. Prepare for an interview

A great way to prepare for an interview is by practicing potential interview questions. This Friday (March 16) there will be an interactive workshop running called “‘Wowing’ an Employer in a Job Interview.” This event will involve discussing common interview questions and considering how to respond. The event runs from 10-11:30am in TA 203, and you can sign up here!

Professionalism is an important aspect of any job interview. To learn about professionalism and communication, attend a workshop on “Business Etiquette” this Thursday (March 15) from 2-3pm in TH 241. Sign up here!

For the full schedule of Student Success Week events, check out the list here. Good luck with the job search Badgers!

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