Brock is filled with couples, some serious, some not. If you’re in a relationship or single roaming the halls, you may have come into contact with a pair similar to what were about to suggest.

Here are six Brock couples that could be you:

The Veterans

They have been dating since first year, when you invite one of them you can just assume their partner will end up coming also. On top of this, they have completed every Brock Milestone for couples.


The Isaac’s Casuals

You’re not entirely sure if they’re dating, but seeing them together at Isaac’s on Thursday would suggest otherwise. They either haven’t made it past the friend-zone or both just really like tequila.


The Committed Athletes

They are committed to each other the same way they are to the sports they both respectively play. Matching red gym bags, and hand-holding being the only public display of affection you’ll ever see (at school anyways) lets you know they’re together.


The Power Couple

Volunteering during O-week, attending every basketball game, tutoring students, and being attached to elections somehow, this couple is going to getting married and possibly solve world hunger in the same day. Committed to the Brock community and to each other, this couple makes balancing school and a relationship look easy!


The First-Year Honeymooner’s

They met at party in Village and have been DM-ing one another ever since. Their first ever insta post together happened just last week and it’s only a matter of time before one of them drops an “I love you”.


The Star-Crossed Lovers

Hanging out with them is like being with Chandler and Monica from friends. They weren’t supposed to end up together but somehow met and fell in love. At first glance it may seem odd, but it works and you love them for it. They’re cool enough that you want to grab drinks after class but sweet enough that you know they are together.


Don’t see you and your significant other up here? You must be lying to yourself! (Just joking).

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