Everyone was afraid of something as a child, but you probably never thought that fear would come true. However, it may have came back in a different form.

Here are 6 childhood fears that come true in university:

1. The Dark = Finals
If you’ve written an exam in Ian Beddis, you know it’s a lot like entering a dark room. You have to awkwardly shuffle through desks to find a seat, you squint your eyes to see if there’s still room in your section, and you don’t know what’s on that exam until you flip it over.


2. Ghosts = Bad Use of Social Media
Those embarrassing photos you took in first year, the relationship you wish you never posted about on Instagram, and that 4 second snapchat someone screenshot (always keep it to 3) follow you around like a ghost that pops up every now and again.


3. Roller Coasters = Seminar Facilitation
You’re either going to come out smiling, or never going back.


4. Spiders = A Bad Roommate
Much like house spiders that never seem to leave, a bad roommate never really does either. But, when spring cleaning happens (move-out day) you’ll never have to worry about running into them again.


5. Heights = Presentations
If you’ve ever done a presentation in TH247, or AS204, you know that it’s terrifying at first but once you start talking you might actually enjoy the view.


6. Monsters Under Your Bed = A Bad Grade
Much like the monster that you think will pop out and scare you, so does a bad grade. You never really see it coming and then when it does you want to hide underneath the covers.