If you’ve ever been to Isaac’s on a Thursday then I’m sure you can relate. If you’re still in first year wondering what it’s like and who will be there, than this post is especially for you.

Here are the 6 people you will meet at Isaac’s:

1. The Bar Star

You only recognize him from the bar shots posted every week, his t-shirt still has the fold marks in it, and your not entirely sure on  what year he’s in.


2. The Out-of-Place Local

You find it mildly humorous that this person somehow made it through security before you did, but at the same time they oddly fit in.

creepy old man at bar

3. The Student Athlete

When it’s off season they can usually be seen hovering close to the bar and their chants on the 116 can put anyone in the going out mood.


4. Your most recent Tinder match

You have to do a double-take and once you realize it was the person you matched with on Tinder last night, you are subject to either awkwardly introducing yourself or pretending like you never use Tinder and someone has obviously used your pictures to catfish.

5. The Girl You Hated in 1st Year

Ugh, it’ her trying to flirt with security at the gate and skip the line.


6. Your Roommate’s Ex

Spotted from across the room, they’re dancing to ‘Hotline Bling’ on stage, but you don’t care because your just happy its not in your living room.


Let us know who we missed in the comment section Badgers!