Hey Badgers,

Most people meet the person that they are going to marry when they are in post-secondary school, or so a ton of Buzzfeed articles have suggested. Milestones in a relationship are something that every couple looks forward to, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to prepare the top 6 Milestones for every Brock couple!

A Bar shot at Isaac’s on Thursday:


They say that you aren’t an official couple until you officially post it on Facebook, but you aren’t a REAL badger couple until the whole school is able to see your bar shot. You have a chance to achieve this milestone once a week, so don’t let time run out!

PDA in Cairns Complex/Plaza:

Where ever you can. Whenever you can. When you’re still in the honeymoon phase, there is nothing better than getting caught making out in the good ol’ Cairns Complex/Plaza building. Even at night, we can all see into the glass building, Badgers.

A workout session at the Zone:

What’s more important than your health? Part of being the inseparable Brock couple that you both are, there’s nothing like matching Nike’s and sleeveless t-shirts to show the rest of the gym that you’re taken.


Taking a class with your Significant Other:

What starts out as a great idea to take a course together usually plays out as fooling around in lectures and not writing down a single thing. Worth it.

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A Date at Skybar Lounge:

Skybar is home to some of the tastiest food on campus, and every Brock couple has to have at least one date there to be official. If not, you aren’t really dating.

Grad Photos:

When graduation finally rolls around, parents, friends, and especially your significant other are expecting those precious grad photos that will be framed forever. So the question is, how serious is it?

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To all the Badgers in relationships, show your Badger Bae that you care about them and take them on a date to Skybar Lounge, or go out on Thursday and get a Barshot to show the world just how much they mean to you. And for all those who don’t have anyone to achieve these milestones with, your Badger Bae is out there waiting for you!