Hey ladies and gents! It’s exam season, but well all know what comes after that… Summer! Yes, yes, it’s still gonna come, after all the rain and crazy wind I’m hearing outside my window today… Planning a summer vacay? take a minute and scroll through the 7 tips I’ve got for you. There’s tons of tips out there, but here are the ones that stand out to me. As usual, comment below with additional tips!

1. Know your budget.
Once you’ve decided on when and where you want to go, what’s your budget looking like? You’ve got $5000, stay within it. ‘Nuff said.

2. Decide on when you’ll be travelling.

Got a few weeks before starting your summer job? Know your calendar and when you want to travel. Plan well in advance so you don’t spend your entire school year’s earnings on a flight (okay over exaggerating, but seriously).

Travel Globe
3. Decide on where you’re going.

Now that you know when you can travel… where are you gonna go? How far are you wanting to travel? Are you going international, to the US, or somewhere in the country? Travelling is an adventure, an opportunity to explore the world with a new perspective. Make it count and read about your chosen destination! Chapters or Indigo gets pretty cozy on a quiet Spring day. Grab a cup of Starbucks and browse through the ‘Travel’ shelves.

4. Do your research.
Which airlines is best? What’s the lifestyle going to be like? Also, take into consideration what type of documentation you will need to be. Is your passport up to date? Will you need a visa? Book your flights/train rides ahead of time! Check out apps like tripadvisor to familiarize with where you will go, use tripit to preview prices and flight times before purchasing your ticket. Those are just two of the many apps available to you — type in “travel” into your app store and you’ll be surprised to see how much is available at your fingertips!

Online Bill
5. Take care of important household items.

You’re going on a vacation to get away from the regular routine of your school year. You definitely don’t want to come home with piles of bills, nor do you want it overflowing in your mailbox. Pay your bills or schedule automatic payments while you’re gone so you refrain from coming home to unpaid bills and doubled interest build-up. Purchase a travel pack for your cell phone to avoid roaming charges — all you need to do is call your provider and let them know you’ll be gone and their plans can range between $25-$50 (depending on what you need).

Suitcase overflow
6. Pack only what you need.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to bring everything and anything you think you will need. Don’t do this. You want to act like a local to avoid drawing “tourist” attention. You’ll be exploring, so keep it simple and only bring the essentials.

Take a Pic
7. Bring a Camera

So now you’re a week into your vacation and you finally got the #1 recommended cafe in the city. The cheesecake sitting on your plate with a cup of coffee is shining in delight of you about to devour it. Snap a pic! Send it to your friends, post it on Instagram. You want to let your memories last, and everything old school hasn’t necessarily faded so capture it in the moment and save it for your photo journal.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you Badgers. Happy studying and have a great summer vacay!