8 Signs You Got Your Hopes Up For A Snow Day

We all know that moment when Environment Canada announced a special weather statement during a busy week at school. It’s been over a month into the semester and everyone needs a break. This might be the perfect opportunity!

You, your friends, and even your night class prof are sure there is going to be a snow day the next morning.

You wake up the next day to find and see the monstrosity of snow in the driveway.

You go straight to your phone to check for cancelations, but the internet is slow because of the snow storm outside.

To your dismay, public transit is still running, you haven’t received an email from school, and class starts in 30 minutes, so you’re stuck going to class through the tundra.

You seriously consider not going to your morning class.

When you get to school, everyone else is upset that class wasn’t canceled, because, well, LOOK OUTSIDE.

You even bond with old acquaintances over your feelings about the snow day (or lack thereof).

There’s always that guy in class that says “I love days like this”, and everyone else turns around with a disapproving glair.

But it’s okay. Even though you had your hopes up, you know that in a few hours you’ll be able to go home and crash on your couch.



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