A Guide to Your 2018 “Financial Glow-Up”

The student financial struggle is real, so we have compiled some easy tips for students to make and save money!

1. SPC Card

If you’re not familiar the SPC card, it’s a great way to save money at some of your favourite stores! You can purchase this discount card for $10 at any of their partnering locations, and by doing so you can save money and receive special deals when you shop. The discount is different depending on the store, which makes for a great money-saving surprise!

2. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is a thrift store that buys and sells popular clothing and jewelry brands. There is 2 ways you can save at Plato’s. By shopping there, you will notice a huge discount on items that you would buy new. By selling, you can get cash for the clothes that you have outgrown, or would otherwise donate. It’s a great way to make some extra money, and clean out your closet in the process! Their website features the items and brands that they most likely buy, so feel free to explore and see what you can offer them.

3. On-Campus Jobs

Getting an On-Campus job is a great way to have some extra spending money as a student. By getting an On-Campus job, employers are flexible to work around your class schedule, which means you can be making some extra money in between classes. Take the time and explore Career-Zone, to see what On-Campus postings are being offered.

4. Participate in Research

There are a good number of upper-year students conducting research who are looking for participants just like you to help out with their studies! They know better than anyone that the best way to recruit participants is through incentives! Often, researchers will offer a cash incentive, or the opportunity to win a gift card. So keep an eye out on bulletin boards, and on the SONA website for any studies that may interest you.

(*be sure that you read carefully what is required of you to participate in a study, and that you do not see a reward as a larger priority that your ethical rights as a participant)

5. Official Note-Taker

Lots of classes are on the search for an Official Note Taker that could assist a student with accessibility needs in your classroom. Be on the look-out for a request from your professor, and by seizing this opportunity and sending in your weekly lecture notes you will be entitled to an honorarium at the end of the semester.

6. Smart Grocery Shopping

For students who do their own grocery shopping, you know how quickly your cart can add up. With a tight budget, it may be hard to convince yourself to spend money on everything you need to maintain a balanced diet. Here are a few tips that have helped me save $100+ a month on groceries.

Price Matching:
  • A number of grocery stores offer ‘Price Matching’, or ‘Ad Matching’, where they promise to match the advertised price of another grocery store’s flyer. This can be a huge money saver, and a great way to get everything that you need in one place, for the lowest price. I have price-matched at the following stores in the Niagara Region: Walmart, FreshCo, No Frills, The Real Canadian Superstore.
Flipp App:
  • This FREE app helps make price matching more efficient, and at your fingertips. Once you download the app, you will have electronic copies to all flyers near you and with a simple tap you can clip an ad as you browse the flyers, and later visit the ads you’ve circled in your ‘clippings’. You can also search all flyers by typing in a keyword such as ‘yogurt’ or ‘oranges’, and from there you can find the best price for the item you are looking to buy. Spending 10 minutes going through my shopping list before I go to the store and finding the cheapest price for those items saves me approximately $20 on my weekly grocery trips.

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