Avoid Getting Sick in University

I’m sure we’ve all been to a lecture at this point where it sounds like a coughing orchestra. It’s cringe worthy if you really start to think about all the germs that are flying around the school. As winter approaches, this is the season where students are going to be getting attacked by common colds and the flu. Even though it’s bound to happen at some point during the year, here are some pointers on how you can escape getting sick in university.

1. Wash your Hands & Use Sanitizer
Frequently, with soap and water. And carry hand sanitizer for the moments where you can’t wash your hands.

2. Stay Well Rested & Eat Healthy
Which is extremely hard considering all that students have to go through with all the midterms, presentations and essays, but try to at least get some sleep in and healthy foods and snacks, so that your body can keep up with all the stress from school.

3. Keep updated on flu shots and immunization records
Now would be a good time to call home and ask if you have all your shots, and also stopping by the campus pharmacy or Shoppers Drugmart to get the flu shot would help prevent you from getting any unwanted illnesses.

4. Disinfect Public Areas

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