Badger Bucket List for Graduating Badgers:

So, you’re almost graduating, but have you done these badger bucket list items before you go on into the “real world”?

1 – Get a picture with Boomer..duh!

If you ever see him around, make sure you take a pic with him to save it for your fond Brock memories

2 – Take a picture with Isaac Brock’s Statue

I mean I know it was placed there to honour Isaac Brock’s memory and stuff, but I think the main reason it’s there is so us students can take a group photo with it šŸ˜‰

3 – Go to Isaac’s “The Last Shot”

This Tuesday, April 10th is the last Isaac’s of the year! Don’t miss out Badgers!

4 – Go for a walk in the beautiful Bruce trail

Once spring rolls around, check out the trail near Alphie’s trough and behind Decew residence since it leads to the Bruce trail which is one of the longest and oldest hiking trail in Canada!

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