Hey there,

School will be back in session and soon the halls of Brock University will be filled with students heading to classes and seminars in Mackenzie Chown. If this is your first year at Brock, I’m sorry to tell you that you are most likely going to get lost in Mackenzie Chown. Even if you went to Smart Start and had a campus tour, I assure you that you will get lost. But getting lost is only one tiny struggle that Badger’s face when it comes to Mac Chown, and here a few more:

Getting to J-Block and feeling like you just finished an Olympic Triathlon:

giphy (1)

And returning students are the taxi. Been there, done that!

Trying to find the bathroom that you need:

Mackenzie Chown doesn’t have a bathroom shortage or anything. The washrooms are just placed in odd nooks and there is nothing worse than walking through a whole block to find the wrong one. You’ll only make that mistake once.

Climbing to the Fourth Floor from the bottom is leg day all on it’s own:

In semester, you’ll have the legs of a soccer player.

Having to walk into your seminar late and sneak to a seat at the back of the classroom:

“Don’t look at me”.

Ending up at a Cross Road:

Hint: The left path is offices, the right path leads to seminar rooms

Mackenzie Chown is not only a space for seminar rooms. Many instructors and TA’s have their offices in this building and it can get pretty confusing. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered with a way to figure it out real fast. Pick wisely or get lost.

Getting a Seminar Room with a Perfect View of Pond Inlet:

Trust me, you’ll spend a lot more time staring at the sight than getting participation marks.

That view, tho.

Going to the wrong seminar room cause everything looks the same:

It’s bound to happen. Don’t make any sudden movements. Either sneak out quietly or commit to an entire seminar on something you know nothing about. Don’t choose the latter.

Wondering if Mackenzie Chown is where they filmed the movie The Maze Runner in Mac Chown:

Need I say more? It’s confusing as heck.

Instantly taking out your phone in A-Block to avoid Eye Contact:

Returning Badgers, you know EXACTLY what I mean. We know you aren’t checking Instagram by chance!

If this is your first year at Brock, Congratulations and welcome. Get ready for your first time through Mackenzie Chown. It may be confusing, but don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it! Wishing you the best this year in our beautiful Maze! You’ll need it.