Good afternoon Badgers!

With one day down into O-week (can you believe it), I’m so excited to share with all of you the new things you can find at the bookstore this year!

To start, we have the Brock Badgers towel. This comes in both red and blue and is perfect to use on residence, at the gym, or as a beach towel on spring break!

But before you hit the shower, don’t forget flip-flops! The campus store is now carrying Brock foam flip flops. These are great especially if you’re living on residence and have to share a shower or you can wear them around campus in September while the weather is still warm enough.


Next up is our Brock bed-in-a-bag! I have say, this is a DORM ROOM MUST HAVE for sure. The ultra soft fabric will keep you warm all winter, and you can use it for your entire Brock career!

If you’re a more mature student or living off campus the Brock throw pillows are great for any couch or futon.

Another must-have is the Brock laundry bag. You can easily fit two loads of laundry into this bag, and carry it over your shoulder.

Lastly, we have the Brock dorm pants! Super comfortable and affordable, these will keep you warm and make being away from home that much easier!

Be sure to check out the bookstore frequently, as they are always adding new apparel and have a ton of essentials for the year!