I have come to realize as a second year student that finding a place to study is a challenge, if not a game which requires skill and precision. Have you every tried finding a cubby on any of the floors in the library? It is every man for themselves, plus if you are looking to study with a group there is limited amount of group tables on any of the floors. The following are a few of my many study spots that accommodate the needs of a student.

Welch Hall

Welch Hall is between D Howes Theatre and South Academic for those who were wondering. On the south end of the building there are many couches and study tables on each floor which can accommodate small to medium size groups. Moreover, if you get hungry General Brock and the Walker Complex Cafeteria is under 5 minutes away! Personally I love the brightness of this area due to natural light that fills the space.


Did you know we have a 24 hour study space! Well we do, which is super useful in times of exams or if you are like me and procrastinate which then has you up till 4 am finishing an essay. Offering beautiful views of the Tower, this space has been one of my favourites since I came to Brock. Hey you residence students? If you don’t want to be trapped in your dorm room during the late hours of the night but need to study make use of this space!


This study place is the biggest hidden treasure I believe on campus. The views are incredible looking at Pond Inlet! Plus, there are 3 PC computer labs that offer a variety of software so you don’t have to make laps around the fishbowl (proper name Computer Commons) just to find a computer. Easiest way to get here from the tower is to go straight through Mac Chown on the main floor (floor 3) till you get to D Block which is the Earth Science area. Then take the stair on your right to the 2nd floor and voila! A whole new world with private cubbies and breathtaking scenery! And if you get hungry vending machines are there to satisfies your salty or sugar study cravings.


Are you looking to study with a group or just need some table space to spread out your notes? Walker complex can accommodate this with the many large tables at this spot! Also as of last year there are many comfortable “study chairs” that are perfect for being on your laptop or reading a book with a cup of Badger Brew. Close to the Zone and the field house, this is where many varsity athletes study!

Library Study

Finally, my favourite study place of them all is one of the study rooms available to book online at https://studyrooms.library.brocku.ca/view.php in the library commons. With white boards in all and screens in a few these rooms are ideal for group collaboration and study! The largest room can accommodate up to 12 people with the small ones up to 6.

Of course I missed some of the great study spaces that Brock has to offer, so why not join the conversation and comment below on were you prefer to study and why.

Happy studying Badgers!



  1. Ashley says:

    When I discovered Welch I was in LOOOVE! Walker is inspiring too, coz after you do your academic work.. next stop >>> leg work! aha this is great!

  2. Larissa says:

    I spent many all nighters in the market after it closed during my undergrad – the custodians kept an eye out for the few us there until the wee hours of the morning. Would have loved a list like this then!

  3. Ryan says:

    pfft the fact that this article is necessary is ridiculous. Brock has too many students relative to the space & resources of the campus and it gets worse each and every year.

  4. John says:

    Thanks a lot bud. Now that you tell everyone how are the gems going to stay hidden, and not overridden. Smart one.

  5. Liv says:

    What about General Brock?! Best place to study if you ask me!

    • Jonson says:

      Where is it?

      • Layton Risto says:

        General Brock is the only convenience store on campus located next to Welch Hall and Academic South. With couches, tables and a charging station for your phone it is a great place to study.

  6. Daniel says:

    I would say Cairns but it’s only open until 5. Barely anyone is ever there.

  7. Joyce says:

    I love the graphics and photos, Layton. Great post!