If you’re thinking about joining a club that values their faith, community, and giving back to charity then Brock MSA (Muslim Student Association) could be the perfect fit for you. I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is NO you don’t have to be Muslim to join.
The goal of this particular club is to increase faith awareness and dissolve any misconceptions students might have about the Muslim community. This club also takes on different initiatives to raise money for different charities. After holding an event, club members vote on how the money should be spent.


Their upcoming event happening on November 26th will include an Islamic history lecture done by a professor from Niagara College. This event will work to help students and community members become more informed of Islamic faith and culture. After checking both their Facebook page and website (multiple times) I can say that this club seems to be more of a community than anything. Giving students a space to feel comfortable practicing their religion (whatever it may be) and answering any questions students of other faiths may have.

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After talking to the president of the MSA, a typical meeting begins with a prayer (in English, for those of you wondering) followed by updates on upcoming events, and assigning tasks to each individual so the events run smoothly. Another important aspect of this club is that it gives students access to resources that they might not have otherwise. For example, access to prayer rooms throughout the day, and Halal options for students.

Be sure to check out this club if you haven’t already, and if you are interested in joining take a look at their website and Facebook page!

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