Hey Badgers!

In two weeks, O-Week 2015 begins! Before we get to enjoy Brockchella and all the amazing events that BUSU has worked tirelessly to plan, it’s very important to go over a few housekeeping items to ensure that everyone has a great time during O-Week. Music festival season may be coming to an end, but we are just getting started here at Brock!


  1. Wear clothes that you are comfortable having fun in!
  2. Join Isaac’s Army and become part of Brock’s biggest spirit squad!
  3. Try something new, because at O-Week there is something for everyone!
  4. Make as many friends as you can, O-Week can be quite bland if you are by yourself.
  5. Visit Vendor Fair to get some free swag, learn about great clubs and programs and get involved with the Brock Community.
  6. Attend the orientation for your program to learn further about what you can expect throughout your first year.
  7. Attend a Sex-Ed workshop or seminar.
  8. Become a VIB Member to get the best that O-Week has to offer, including free entrance to many O-Week Events.
  9. Visit other residences on campus to meet new people!
  10. Take advantage of the Campus Tours during O-Week to avoid being late for class because you got lost!

The list of do’s could go on forever, but there is only so much we can tell you! Get out there an experience O-Week for yourself and make it what you like! Keep in mind that there are a few things you should avoid to make sure Brockchella is the best O-Week yet.


  1. Forget to stay hydrated throughout the crazy week.
  2. Skip the first lecture for a class, regardless of what you hear from others!
  3. Appropriate other cultures to make a fashion statement during Brockchella.

  4. Be late to events that you are interested in, because space is limited!
  5. Forget to wear sunscreen if you are going to be outside for prolonged periods of time!
  6. Forget to eat something before going out to have fun, especially if you are going to be moving around a lot!
  7. If you are 19+, Don’t be the person who has way too much to drink at the first party. Nobody will forget!
  8. Don’t forget to follow the rules at all times to ensure that everyone is safe.
  9. Leave anything behind other than your footprints!

    Our campus is home to many different forms of wildlife, including racoons and deer. Cleaning up after yourself helps to protect their environment and keep our campus clean!

  10. Don’t miss the big-ticket concert, it’s one of the best O-Week Parties!

For those who aren’t aware, cultural appropriation occurs when individuals borrow certain cultural symbols – including bindis, headdresses, etc. – for reasons outside of the signified culture. It is disrespectful to wear cultural items as a fashion statement, and many music festivals around the world have prohibited all kinds of appropriation. Brockchella should be a positive space for every student attending, so please think twice before wearing an item that could offend someone. As always, Stay safe Badgers and get ready for the greatest week of your life!