Last month, BrockTV released the beginning of the addicting series: Brock Bachelorette. The first episode instantly caught fire, and gained thousands of views! We sat down with beloved BrockTV television series host Matt Milliere to ask him a variety of Brock Bachelorette questions, and to discuss his thoughts on the show’s success.

  1. What’s it like to be the host of Brock U’s hottest television series?
    “I didn’t know what to expect when the series was first launched, but found the results very unique and surprising. It’s definitely a great time to host, and a fun project to produce.”
  2. What is the most awkward thing you’ve witnessed so far on the Brock Bachelorette?
    “The word ‘cringey’ has been thrown around when students have been discussing this show. To be honest… I don’t find it too awkward! I was a little worried to see what happened during the ‘1 on 1’ in Season 1, Episode 2. To my surprise, Jake pulled through with his fast question game.”
  3. What can we expect from the Hometown visits on episodes 3 & 4?
    “You can expect some quirkiness for sure, and it’s definitely a one of a kind episode. The roommates seemed to like [the Bachelorette] though, which is always a good sign.”
  4. Are you team Jake, or team Other Jake?
    “It’s hard to pick a winning Jake, since they’re both pretty solid guys, and contestants. Jake H is super outgoing, and doesn’t get bothered by the camera crew. Jake S is a little more shy, and quiet, but I could see that playing to his advantage as well.”
  5. How long do you think the Bachelorette will stay with her chosen badger?
    “It’s not good timing to jump into a relationship right in the middle of exams, so I think it’s hard to say as of right now. Going into the summer months, I think it will be interesting to see what happens when they have to experience long distance.”
  6. Can Brock students be expecting a second season?
    “The show has proved to be innovative, and creative. There is definitely hope for a Brock Bachelor season, and we’re thinking we might throw in a twist as well. We hope to put out a casting call for 10 girls, and include more episodes!”
 Stay tuned to see how this season of the Brock Bachelorette plays out, and look for tonight’s release of Season 3, Episode 2!

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