Hello Badgers! As we get closer to the beginning of a new school year, it’s really important to discuss the many tools that Brock offers to students to reach their best potential. Brock’s aim is to cater to both sides of the brain, and offers many programs, workshops and lectures that will push students towards success. The shift from high school to university can be very scary, but there isn’t too much to be afraid of! Brock offers students many tools that ensure students are getting the best out of their education.

The Library:

The Library is a great place for students to get any extra help they need. At James A. Gibson Library, Students can book study rooms that have white boards, sign out laptops, cameras, and a bunch of other awesome things! If your iPhone is dying and you haven’t finished studying yet, you can sign out a phone cord for a few hours and get charged up! You can print and photocopy in the library, and get access to thousands of academic journals and scholarly articles through Brock’s online database! In addition, the library has a drop-in learning centre where students can go to get extra help in various subjects – such as science or math – or to enhance writing skills! Whatever you need, the library has got you covered! Drop by, and visit the information desk to learn more!

The Fishbowl:

The Fishbowl is a computer common space where students can use computers to work on assignments, or to kill sometime between classes. Students can use both Windows and Mac computers depending on the nature of their assignment or their preference! The Fishbowl also has a IT Help Desk where students can bring their laptops for troubleshooting and solving errors! Fun Fact: There is also a help desk in the Campus Store!

Isaak Sakai:

Sakai is an online website that instructors use to communicate with their classes on a weekly basis. While not every instructor uses Sakai, a lot of instructors post the course outline, assignment guidelines, and other helpful information that can be accessed at anytime by students. In rare occasions, some instructors will post their lecture slides online as well, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to attend the lecture because you can still miss something important! Sakai can be used for online tests, group discussions and assignment submission, it’s very efficient! In addition, most instructors will upload your grades onto Sakai , and will provide feedback on your assignments in required.

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Don of Academics:

If you are living in residence – both traditional and townhouse – you will have a Don of Academics whose role is to answer any academic questions you may have! When I lived on-campus last year, my don of academics would have office hours every week where students could visit her in the dining hall with any questions! Going to see your instructor can be very intimidating, but always know that you can visit your don of academics for extra help.

Academic Advisors:

Your university experience is what you want it to be, and you can work with an academic advisor to make a plan that works for you. Academic Advisors know everything about your program, and what courses you can take to make your degree more interesting. Academic advisors can give you information on making up lost credits, taking semesters overseas, and a bunch of other things that are helpful for students! You can make an appointment with your advisor through Sakai! Act fast, because spots go quickly!

Office Hours:

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Lastly, the one of the best people to speak with when you are not sure which direction to take on an assignment is the person who will be marking the assignment! Depending on who your seminar leader is, speaking to your professor or teaching assistant is a great idea because you get to learn exactly what they are expecting from students on the assignment. Instructors will set aside a certain time every week to meet with students to discuss assignments, to expand on course topics further, or to view exams or other documents that cannot be taken off of university grounds. Meeting with your instructor can be very intimidating, but it is never a bad idea!

Brock offers a bunch of services to students that help them reach for the stars, and these are just a few of the resources available to students! Use every resource to your advantage because it will work in your favour every time!

Until next time, badgers! See you soon and enjoy the final weeks of summer!