One of the best things ever is when a friend of mine tells me a little tip or hack that makes my life a teeniest bit easier. With 3 years of being an undergraduate student at Brock under my belt (I’m in my 4th year now), I’ve gained some “student hacks” by friends, professors, and just by being at Brock everyday. So now I want to pass these on to you, and I hope that some (or all) of them help you out!



I remember my first and second years at Brock when I needed to print something I would line up at the computers in the library by the printers. Not only was it ALWAYS busy, but also logging on to those computers takes a year and a half (exaggeration, but you get my point). One day, as I naively made my way to the printers yet again, my friend told me “you know you can send your files to the printers through your laptop, right?” “WHAT?”

Anyway, if you didn’t know about this tip, prepare to be enlightened.

Go to https://printing.brocku.ca/user, log in with your Brock username and password, and click on “Web print.” From there you can “Submit a Job” and upload files you want to print. You can also choose which location you would like to print at. Once your file is uploaded, go to the printer location and print as usual by swiping your card.



Going to Brock is amazing because of how many benefits us student are able to redeem. BUSU offers a ton of services to students that many don’t know about! Like a grocery shuttle, car rentals, and legal services! So, if you’re looking for a particular service, check the BUSU website out and they might just have it!




One of the things that suck sometimes is that popular study spaces in Brock get crowded super quickly, especially during midterm and final exam time. However, there are some places that most students don’t automatically know about.

H Block: usually more occupied by science students, however, anybody can go and study there. There are a bunch of long tables and seats. Only issue is that there aren’t many outlets. If you walk through jubilee court (near the Decew Residence) and enter from the MC F&H block doors, you’ll find the tables easily to your right.

Mackenzie Chown D block/Pond inlet: This one is a little tricky to get to, but essentially there’s about 8 cubicles, and because not a lot of people know about it (and also, not a lot of people want to venture into Mackenzie Chown), there’s usually open spots. Getting in from the outside is easier, so go to the doors under the bridge connecting Cairns and Mac Chown and go through the D block entrance. This spot has a nice view of the pond too!



This hack probably applies more to people who live off campus, but did you know that you can rent out lockers around Brock? The most common areas are in Welch hall (floors 2 and 3), Schmon Tower and some in Thistle. It’s really simple to rent one, all you have to do is go to the BUSU office (beside the Starbucks) and ask for a form. I rented a locker during my second year, JUST so I could put my organic chemistry and molecular biology books in it. Those things can get heavy…



This is quite possibly my favorite hack, and one that I’m sure most of you (unless you’re in film studies or have taken a film course) don’t know about, yet.

Go to Brocku.ca/library/ -> Help -> Research Guides by Program -> Under Social Sciences click on Film -> Film and streaming Media

There you will find some websites that let you stream any movie for free (since Brock has already paid for the subscription). This is amazing if you can’t find a reliable and free movie-streaming site or Netflix doesn’t have the particular movie you’re looking for (heartbreak in its truest form). You do need your Brock username and password though.

Pro-tip: Do your studying and then watch a movie to reward yourself!