BioLinc, located by the entrance of the Cairns Complex, is a incubation facility that is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship within Brock University. By bringing together mentor-ship and community resources, BioLinc is able to support young entrepreneurs in their ventures and early start-ups. If you walk into BioLinc’s space on any given day, you will see groups of students working on their businesses and collaborating with one another.

The businesses coming out of BioLinc this school year have been nothing short of amazing and these 4 Brock students have become star innovators on campus. Chase Anderson, a fourth year BBA student, is currently working on TabCab, which is a subscription based ride sharing application that targets daily users and sims to improve the global transportation industry one tab at a time. Robert Babiak, is putting his sport management degree to good use by becoming the founder of Silverhawks Sport Management, a company that represents professional athletes. Dalton Steele, who is also a BBA student, has created a business  called Canvas by Dalton which runs a services for Niagara photographers by printing their work onto premium canvas.


Cassie Price, the BioLinc coordinator, believes that entrepreneurship is an important part of the university experience for any student. “Entrepreneurship isn’t just about having students start their own business, but it’s also about students setting their own goals and figuring out what i means to achieve them.” It’s true. Students that walk through the doors of BioLinc, enter into a new way of learning by identifying a problem that they want to fix and taking the initiative to fix it.

BioLinc runs multiple programs throughout the year including, Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Program, where young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to build up their start-up ideas with the help from mentors from the Niagara Community. During March, there are also two pitch competitions, one of which, has two judges that were on the T.V. show Dragon’s Den.

To me, BioLinc is much more than pitching ideas and networking. I have been working out of BioLinc for two years now and during that time I have made some of my greatest friends, gained a sense of confidence that I thought I would never have, and I realized what I wanted to do after I was finished my degree. When my friends outside of BioLinc ask me where they should get involved, I tell them to come visit our work space here and I guarantee you will either find a group to work with or find inspiration for a business of your own.

If you want to meet some of these student entrepreneurs come out to Monster Pitch on March 23rd at the First Ontario Centre downtown and Blue Print on March 22nd in Market, both starting at 1pm!