Everyone knows the struggle of trying to consistently go to the gym. No amount of colorful workout clothes, Nike shoes, or Kanye West playlists can make some us stick with it. However, one club in particular at Brock has made this a little easier. Recognizing that there was a demand for community when going to the gym, BeyondBode was born. The name itself is a little odd I must admit but after hearing what it meant, it started to make total sense. The club’s goal is to help you go beyond what you make think your body’s expectations are and the ‘E’ stands for equivalent, meaning growth physically can be a reflection of growth in one’s own character.

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The club’s main goals also include helping members stay in shape, continuously go to the gym together, and build a sense of culture around working out. Members can feel comfortable enough to ask one another for advice, and mentor each other through the sometimes difficult challenge of meeting personal goals.
With two dedicated presidents who look after scheduling, event planning and orders, to name a few. Along with a team of executives who help to get new members adjusted, coordinate teams, and risk management. This club makes group fitness enjoyable and relatively stress free for members trying to stay in shape. Fitness classes, intramural teams, and tournaments are just a few of the activities new members can expect to participate in.

New members can decide what they want to participate in, and any important information is shared with members at the end of a class/workout rather than having weekly meetings. Another benefit for club members is the ability to build new friendships outside of your normal social circle. The fee associated with joining will go towards covering the costs of fitness classes, and tournaments.

Interested in joining? Check out their Facebook page for details.