What’s up Badger community? It’s a couple of weeks into the school year and as everyone gets into the swing of things, the team at Student Powered thought it was time to start highlighting some of our wonderful clubs on campus once again. The Brock University Student’s Union (BUSU) currently has over 80 different clubs running, with hopes for more to come in the near future. Today, we’ll be highlighting a club called Best Buddies. 


Presidents: Alyssia Elias (Left) & Allyesa Antoinette Stewart (Right) with their buddies

You’ve probably been told before, but I’ll say it again – volunteering is a major key in landing the job that you want as it’ll set you apart from others with your experience. Luckily for you all, there’s this amazing club called Best Buddies that allows for you to gain an amazing volunteer experience and have fun in the process! I sat down with Alyssia, one of the president’s of the club at GB (shoutout to their 50% off fair-trade coffee this whole week) the other day to get an idea of what this club is all about;

What is it?

Best Buddies works in partnership with community living in downtown St. Catharines to pair up Brock students and adults with mental and/or physical disabilities. Through this experience, these adults are able to make friends with their buddy and go out and experience different events and activities in the community. The students make an awesome connection with their partner and are able to participate in outings, events and learn a lot about adults with disabilities in the process! The club started in 2008 with only 6 members rising to over 90 members in total last year. This year, the club is hoping to keep their numbers up high in order to continue their great partnership with the Best Buddy community.


How can I get involved?

There are a couple of different ways that you can get involved with Best Buddies:

Peer Buddy – these are the students that are working one on one with a buddy. You would meet with Alyssia and Alyessa along with the community living rep so they can learn a bit about you and match you with a buddy that shares similar interests to you (making for super fun outings and great conversations). Some previous outings include simple things like going for coffee or to the mall as well as bigger outings like hockey games or day trips to Toronto (seriously, this is an amazing opportunity – how fun does that sound?!) Along with connecting with your buddy at least once a week (whether over the phone, social media, texting or in person), you would also be invited to all of the events throughout the year.
Associate Buddy – this would be for students that are interested in getting involved with Best Buddies but may be wanting less of a time commitment, or want to just test the waters of this program before jumping in! These students help with main events (listed below) and interact with the entire group at social events rather than being paired up one on one. With a time commitment of only 2 hours a month, this is the perfect way to get to know more about Best Buddies, Badgers!
Best Buddies at a tree planting event

What kind of events do they have?

There are a lot of exciting things to look forward to throughout the year including the Halloween Meet & Greet on October 22nd along with a Semi Formal in April. Other events include tie dying, bowling, a holiday party and many more awesome plans for Brock students and all of the buddies. For those who want to help support this club but are involved at Brock and the community in other ways, be sure to come to the Ice Dogs game on March 10th when proceeds from the ticket sales will go towards Best Buddies Brock!


Contact Info

For further updates or to contact Best Buddies, follow along with them on their social media!




Or email them at bestbuddiesbrock@outlook.com

Always remember to get involved with Brock and your community – it’s a great way to make friends, gain amazing life experiences and discover possible career paths for yourself! Getting involved with different organizations at Brock has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Brock and after talking with Alyssia, I’m sure she’d say the same! Be sure to check out Best Buddies on ExperienceBU and look through the list of other clubs and organizations too!

Stay involved, Badgers!

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