It’s not a surprise that Brock has a wide range of extra-curricular activities and a diverse range of clubs that are open to all students! From the dance team, to the fencing team— there is a place for everyone.

Well, did you know that Brock also has an Improv team?

If you’re not too sure what improv is, it’s a type of theatre that relies on an actor’s improvisation. By working from nothing, except maybe a prompt or an idea, the actor must improvise their part and create a scene from what is given to them. There are no lines, no scripts, no time to rehearse. It’s the art of quick thinking and living in the moment.

Ever seen “Who’s line is it anyways?”

Well, now you get to be Brock’s Wayne Brady.


If you’re interested in being on stage, learning the basics of improvisation, and having fun, then this may be the group for you. The club is a basic introduction to the world of improv, with passionate members who have been able to take these basic skills and bring them to the stage.

This look back video of their 2015 year shows just how much fun this club has, and how they have used the skills they have learned at Brock Improv and applied them in real life, and on stage!

So if you’re looking to get involved this year at Brock, have an award winning attitude and want to try something new, then reach out to Brock’s Improv team!

Get in contact with the team today!

Visit their website here and check out their FaceBook Page  to learn more about this great club.