What’s up Badgers? The team here at the Student Powered Blog has been doing our best to highlight some of the clubs that we have to offer here at Brock over the past couple of weeks and I’m back with another one!

Do you often find yourself sitting at home watching a Leafs game wishing that you could be working for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, or somewhere else in the sports industry? Firstly, I encourage you to reassess your choice of team, at this point you have to be wondering whether the Stanley Cup is just a myth! Secondly, I encourage you to check out this amazing new club called the Brock Sport & Business Association because it’s your ticket to finding out more about the sports industry and getting connected with professionals in the field.

I asked Kurt Trinder, the Founder of BSBA and Michael Beal, the Marketing Director a little bit about this new club, and here’s what they had to say:

What is BSBA?

“We are the Brock Sport & Business Association, a new club that is taking the university by storm. The BSBA’s goal is to connect students interested in the sports industry with professionals in the field to help kick-start their career in sports. Brock University’s distinguished Sports Management (SPMA) program and the Goodman School of Business make up the foundation of the BSBA”.

How do I get involved?

“A great way for people to get involved with BSBA is to follow them on social media”, which have been linked below. “On those pages you’ll be able to find all of the information about upcoming events along with interesting and creative ways for students to succeed in finding job in the sports industry”.


What kind of events do they have?

BSBA has their very first event coming up on November 28th and you won’t want to miss it! The Fall Networking Forum will include networking opportunities, panel discussions, an interactive Q&A, food and a keynote speaker. At these events students will be able to be given direction in how to be successful in the sports industry by hearing from businessmen and women that are making great strides in the industry. They’ll be giving insider advice about how they became successful with some interesting stories along the way (See some info about two of the guest speakers below)! Sound too good to be true? They also will be having door and raffle prizes so you could walk away with more than tips to succeed. Now I don’t know about you, but an event with food and ways to get a head start in the industry sounds like an amazing opportunity to me! Stay tuned for more information, because a second event is being planned for the second semester, with more details to be released on a later date!


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As always Brock U, I encourage you to get involved with clubs that catch your interest! There are over 90 different BUSU clubs on campus and if you think of one that is missing, you can create your own. Check out the BUSU website to find out how.

See you around Badgers!