Imagine a place on campus where you can get together with fellow badgers, unwind, play games, and just hang out. This is not only a reality, but it is happening right here on campus.

The Brock Smash Club has been running since the Fall of 2015 and consists of a group of players who meet in MCG 310 every Friday from 6-11pm to play, discuss and promote the Super Smash Bros game. If you have absolutely no knowledge of how to play, don’t let that scare you away. The Brock Smash Club is always looking for new members who have a passion to learn and/ or play the game. The President of the club makes it his personal mission to get to know every single club member, and is always eager to explain how the club works and answer any questions that you may haveAs you attend the weekly sessions, the experienced members will help you learn the ins and outs of the game.

Also, despite being a video game, Smash is a very social game community because there is no online play- you can only play in person. Every opponent is strictly face-to-face which ends up being a great opportunity to build friendships.


For those of you who, like myself, have very limited knowledge of these games, here’s a quick rundown:

  • The Super Smash Bros game have recently undergone a renaissance. This means that the most recent generation of developers have sought out new inspiration and with the booming advancement of technology, they have really transformed the game!
  • As a result, the popularity of these games has reached an all-time high internationally
  • Traditionally, these games are considered casual party games that can be picked up and played by anyone. Although that is true,  the Smash games can actually be one of the most technically diverse and demanding games out there.
  • The mechanics of the game can be exploited to discover very advanced techniques which significantly maximizes the gaming experience.
  • The rise in popularity has ultimately led to Smash becoming an established eSport, and the very best players are able to earn a living by playing the game


Another interesting fact about the world of Super Smash Bros is that the game Melee can only be played on an old CRT television. Because the game was released in 2001, there is too much input lag on a flat screen. Fortunately, Brock Smash was able to acquire several CRT’s for their club once Brock removed them from the seminar rooms last year. The 10 CRT’s are now available for club members whenever needed!

The skill level of gamers in the club vary significantly. Some players do not even own a Smash game, while others are ranked on Niagara region power rankings. Members of the club can play and participate to whatever extent they feel comfortable. Some choose to play purely for fun while others take on the challenge of competitive Smash. The club has enough members from every skill level, so every new player will be sure to find a match.

As mentioned above, you can find the Brock Smash Club at MCG 310 on Fridays at 6pm. You can typically expect 20-30 members to come out to the weekly events, and even more at the tournaments.  Tournaments are most often hosted once a month at a large venue. On October 20th, the first big tournament of the year was held in Pond Inlet featuring Super Smash Bros Melee. The club recently purchased some streaming equipment so matches will be broadcasted on Twitch and then uploaded onto YouTube.  There is absolutely no fee to joining the club, so be sure to check them out!

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