Community. Passion. Creativity.
Three words which capture the essence of Brock University’s very own Live 4 Dance Club!

For those of you who may have missed the opportunity to learn about this club during O’ Week, have no fear. I had the pleasure of speaking to the executive team to learn more about the incredibly supportive and fun environment they have created here on campus, and here’s what I learned:

Live 4 Dance is a fun and motivational, yet educational, club based around Urban Hip- Hop. Urban Hip- Hop is, and I quote “- it is not traditional hip-hop with just popping and locking. It is the new school of Hip-Hop Dancing; it is this generation/modern day Hip-Hop. It is a fusion of a whole bunch of different styles together”.


Classes are offered at the dance studio on campus every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30pm – 10:50pm.  The fees associated with the club are exceptionally reasonable, even on a student budget. You have the option of $2 drop in fees, $5 monthly fees, or a whole year membership for as low as $30. Students of all skill levels are welcomed to increase their body awareness by becoming better dancers. Every single class consists of a choreographer teaching the group a choreography. Often times, the choreographers are members of the Brock community, but twice a month a guest choreographer will come in from the GTA. The weekly classes have been up and running since September, but anyone is welcome to join throughout the year. They are constantly seeing new faces as the year progresses.

Live 4 Dance is all about positive vibes. They strive to create a friendly dance community which welcomes all styles and levels of dance. They have approximately 50 members signed up, which also makes this club an awesome opportunity to connect with more badgers. You can get a sneak preview of all the positive energy from their YouTube channel, where they upload every dance class. This allows dancers to monitor their progress and growth throughout the year. It also allows club members to share their art with the greater urban dance community. Check out their most recent video:

One of the aspects of Live 4 Dance which is really great, is their ability to cater to all levels of dancers. Their end goal is to help each and every member reach their maximum potential.

For those of you who have absolutely no experience, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn the foundations of hip-hop. For those of you are beginners- don’t be intimidated because Live 4 Dance excels at creating an inclusive and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.  And for those of you who may be more experienced, keep in mind that anyone can teach at the club. All you need to do is speak to the executive team, and they can fit you into the schedule.

The executive team this year- President: Nikki Lee Vice President: Eddie Capule Videographer: Jano Navarro Main Choreographer: David McPherson Social Media: Teylor Huang Admin: Zuhair Mateen

The executive team encourages you to come out to a class or two, to see what you are capable of! To learn more about the club, please feel free to reach out to them on any of the social media platforms.