It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing and the fall marks the beginning of a new school year filled with endless possibilities.

University is the perfect place to find out what you are passionate about. There are so many different courses to choose from and it’s important that you find ones that can provide a meaningful experience for you. But do you really know what Brock offers?

A recent gallop through the course calendar provided some intriguing titles. Here’s my top ten list of courses that caught my attention and might be of interest to you.

1. Documentary Film (FILM 2P54)

With the popularity of documentary films such as Blackfish there is clearly a growing interest in this film genre. The course description promises a look at the history, theory, aesthetics and cultural implications of documentary film and other visual media.

2. Indigenous Creative Arts (ABST 2F40)

I have heard that in this course you have the opportunity to discover your inner artist. You get to create art while learning about historical and contemporary Indigenous creative expression from various traditions and cultures. Hands on learning at it’s best.

3. Myths of the Greek and Roman Gods (CLAS 1P95)

We have all heard the story of Troy but for most of us that is the only myth we know about ancient Greece and Rome. Immerse yourself in a new kind of story telling as this course focuses on myths, its functions in society and how we relate to them.

Roman Gods

4. Beauty, Bodies and Cultures (WGST 3P03)

Who doesn’t worry about how they look? But should we? This course focuses on the social constructions of beauty. Topics may include plastic surgery, genital surgeries, cosmetic, fitness and fashion industries, the veil, beauty pageants and eating disorders.

5. American Sign Language I (LING 1P00)

What a cool way to learn to communicate. The course teaches basic signing vocabulary including a brief history of sign language as well as an examination of issues in deaf culture.

6. Introduction to Archaeology (CLAS 2P32)

Indiana Jones anyone? Learn about the history, theory and practice of archaeology.


7. Introduction to Wines (OEVI 1P20)

Ready to become a wine connoisseur? Grab a glass and prepare to learn about the mysteries of wine production.

The course description says that topics include grape growing, fermentation and stabilization of wine, health aspects, classification, regulation and marketing of wine. Please note that students must be a minimum of 18 years old (I wonder why?).

8. Philosophy: Into to Buddhist Thought (INTC 2P13)

Want to be a Zen master? This course advertises an exploration of Buddhist Thought, the Perfection of Wisdom, Madhyamika Buddhism and Nirvana (and here I thought Nirvana was a group from the 90’s?)

9. Sociology of Professional Wrestling (SOCI 3P55)

I didn’t expect to see a course on professional wrestling, certainly not outside of the faculty of Health Sciences. Take a break from watching it on television and learn about it instead. Topics include the history, the organization and the business of pro wrestling.

Pro Wrestler

10. Animals and Human Society (SOCI 2P85)

A personal favorite of mine and the inspiration behind this blog post! Who wouldn’t want to take a deeper look into the relationships between animals and human societies? Topics include animal rights, animals as food, entertainment and models for human societies, experimentation, environmental issues and related matters.

So, there you go, a small list out of the many amazing courses that Brock has to offer. Keep in mind that some of these courses have pre-requisites or are restricted to majors.

Would love to hear from others about what courses have intrigued you. Let me know!