These years at university can sometimes feel like the longest of your life. But when you’re in the final stretch, and those four years of undergrad start coming to an end, it’s easy to look back and think that everything went by a little too fast.

The time spent in university is what you make of it, and throughout your time here, things can change quite a bit, especially yourself.

When you look back on who you were in 1st year, compared to now, are there things you regret? Are there things you wish you could tell yourself? Maybe to not wear those ugly boots, or sleep through your 8 am seminar?

If you had the chance to give first-year you some advice, what would it be?


“You’re allowed to change your mind.”

—Serena, 4th year

“…I mean, when I was in first year, I was in a program that I completely hated. Along with the whole ‘living on my own’ thing, it always seemed like something was always happening, and my program made me feel stuck. That was until I finally talked to the academic advisor and we figured it out.”

It’s important to remember that there’s always other options and people willing to help. It’s important to feel comfortable with where you are, and there are more than enough people who are available and willing to set you on the right path.

“Sometimes you need to let go of unhealthy friendships, and it’s not the end of the world when you do. ”

—Courtney, 3rd year

Sometimes it seems like those friends you make in your first year of university will be your friends for life. They are the people who you get paired with in residence, or the person who stays out until 2 am with you on weekends. At the time, it’s easy to believe that these are the friends you will have forever and in most cases, that is true. These friends who you meet in your first year of university can have a huge impact on the way your year can turn out.

“–Don’t be afraid to let go of those friendships if they become unhealthy. You have 3 more years of undergrad, you’ll make more friends. It’s inevitable.”


“That one paper that worth 15%  that I didn’t do too well on? I—not always a big deal. Don’t sweat the small stuff.” —Haley, 4th year

It’s hard for anyone to get a bad mark, but sometimes it’s not worth the stress of anxiety you put on yourself when you get that mark back. It’s important to remember to look at the grand scheme of things, and how it might be only one paper, in one class, for one credit, out of so many more. Sometimes you just have to let yourself accept that bad mark, and not beat yourself up over it.

“Maybe partying until 3 am on a night before an exam wasn’t the best idea.” —Anonymous

“Don’t forget to have fun.” —Alex, 4th year.

It’s important to work your butt off in school, but that also calls for some serious down-time. Know when to draw the line on the projects and assignments and stress of school, and have some fun.

“Whatever money you have, save it. That toonie you spent on a McDouble from McDonalds? Save it, collect those toonies. It’ll add up one day, and maybe you can put it towards renting an apartment.” —Anonymous

“Don’t forget to call your grandma and ask her about her day.” —Katie, 3rd year

“Your meal plan isn’t free. Remember that you’ve paid for it, so don’t go buying everyone dinner all the time.”  —Adam, 4th year


Whether you’re a fourth year finishing up your final stretch of your undergrad, or whether your a masters student, who already has some advice for the 4th year version of yourself, it’s evident how much things can change during your time spent at Brock. Mostly yourself. University is an experience on its own, remember to make the most of it!