Move-in day can become overwhelming for many new students moving onto campus for the first time. For me, packing up my room at home seemed to be quite easy. I thought I would toss everything into boxes and that would be it! However, things that you never thought you would need end up being the most important. Heading into my last year of school, I’ve compiled a list of dorm room must-haves.

1. Foam Mattress pad – Let’s face it, the beds in residence are far from comfortable, and a good night sleep will make being away from home that much easier.

2. Extra ear buds- Keep a pair in your backpack and one in your room, great for tuning out noise or watching late night Netflix.


3. USB flash drive- Laptops crash, usually during exams when you need your notes the most. Enough said.

4. Dry erase board and markers- Hang it in your room or on your door for friends to leave you messages.


5. Air freshener- Candles aren’t allowed in dorms, however keeping your room smelling fresh will put you in a better mood and encourage visitors!

6. Power bar- Not enough outlets in your room? We thought so.

7. Over the door rack- Keep wet towels off of the floor and out of the way. These are also a great space saver.



What did we miss? Tell us your dorm room must-haves in the comment section.