1. DO wear green

This is the only day in the entire year that it is fully acceptable to wear the colour green from head to toe without people questioning your personality. Go ahead and paint your nails green and maybe even get creative with that green eye shadow you randomly have laying around (cause really who uses green eye shadow if it’s not St. Paddy’s Day?). Also if you’re a guy and you own a kilt, it’s your obligation and duty to rock that bad boy all night.


  1. DON’T leave homework and assignments for the next day

You better plan your life around St. Patrick’s Day as the next 48 hours following are a complete and total write-off. Finish those seminar readings and get a head start on your essays and study notes my friends, because St. Patrick never fails to kick your ass.


  1. DO make/eat something green

Is it really St. Patrick’s Day if you haven’t eaten a pile of green pancakes and washed it down with a mimosa?


*P.S I found what looks like the best pancake recipe ever (picture above) and you can click the link below for the recipe!

Top O’ the Mornin Lucky Charms Pancakes


  1. DON’T sleep in past 9am

In order to properly celebrate SPD this requires you and your friends to be up no later than 9am! This is an all-day event and besides… it would be rude to St. Patrick if you did.


  1. DO sip some Guinness

As we are celebrating an Irish holiday, it is only common courtesy to indulge in one of their finest creations.


  1. DON’T be that guy

There is always that one guy who shows up wearing nothing green but ends up leaving with his green breakfast all over himself. In order to not be that guy, I am going to leave you with some tips to master the art of day drinking!

Step 1: Eat something! Today is your “Hunger Games” – you need to load up on carbs or else you’ll never make it out alive.

Step 2: Partner up. By attaching yourself to your buddy, he or she will be able to help you stay motivated, stay safe, and also stay in one piece.

Step 3: Charge your phone. As you will be attending multiple events on this fine day and taking way too many selfies, your battery is sure to die if you are not properly prepared.

Step 4: Hold off as long as you can on shots. I know how difficult it is to not take a shot, but you need to remember that it’s like 11am and you’ve still got the whole entire day. You need to pace yourself on the hard liquor and stick to lighter choices such as beer.

Step 5: Take a break. Maybe it’s about time to eat something again, preferably pizza since pizza is always a good decision in my books. Also not a bad time to gulp down some water and hydrate yourself with something a little healthier than a jager bomb.

Step 6: Take a nap. This is the step needed when Isaac’s is closing down and you need to prepare yourself for the rest of the night that is to come. You know you’re heading downtown – don’t even try to kid yourself.

Step 7: Get ready for round 2. You’re feeling refreshed and ready to keep the party going. Wash your face, brush your teeth, and slap some more green on as you night is just getting started!

  1. DO stay safe

With all the crazy commotion that St. Patrick’s brings, make sure you and your friends are making appropriate decisions and not crossing the line when it comes to drinking too much. Stay safe and also have fun – this is one of the last big parties that Brock has before we’re studying for finals so take advantage!


Let me know what you think and if I missed anything, post below!

I’ll see all you crazy Badger’s at Isaac’s!!!