It is 5 o’clock somewhere…

But it is study time at Brock! Whether it be midterms or exams, and whether they are worth 15% or 50% of your mark, the studying must begin now. Here are some useful tips to begin early study preparation and do well on your upcoming tests.

  1. Rewrite Notes: Sometimes typing is a little robotic. When you write out things, revise, and read aloud all the notes you took in that dreadful 7-10 lecture, you’ll be sure to absorb it a lot more. Also, when you rewrite the notes, you can take out points that don’t make sense or useless information, and recognize memos the professor made that really stuck out. I find when I rewrite things, I have to really genuinely read it. Then when you write your exam, and you come across some mysterious question that seems like a plot to get you to fail the class, you’ll say to yourself “I wrote this down somewhere!” Then you will silently high-five yourself and continue.
  2. Teach the Information: Be a professor for a day and teach the course! Preferably to someone who knows nothing about the subject, like a roommate, parent, sibling, or unresponsive baby cousin. Don’t stop teaching until they can write the exam with you and ace it. Okay… maybe not ace it, but a solid 60%. You on the other hand, will ace it. Having to explain the information over and over along with answering questions will help you think logically about the subject. Suddenly, Plato and Aristotle will make sense, accounting will seem as easy as ever, and those geography maps will have nothing on you!


  1. Find Your Perfect Study Place: Top floor of Cairns, your bedroom floor surrounded by pillows, the middle of market, or seventh floor library… Do you like a little noise? No noise? Music playing? Studying on a couch, or studying on a uncomfortable chair? Finding the perfect place to study will help you find a really help to give yourself a cool and relaxing vibe to study in. It helps when you know what conditions you read best in, so try them all out.
  2. Time Management: Time is crucial, and luckily, you still have a lot of it! Exams don’t start for another two months or so, but starting now will allow the ultimate time management. Sort out certain days to review certain classes. The brain can only absorb so much information in so much time, so there is no need to spend hours on the same subject. This is where a nap now and then or a coffee with a friend is encouraged. You need a break between studying and essay writing, so don’t be afraid to study for an hour and take a little breather before you continue.
  3. Go See Your Professors: Professors do not make office hours for fun! Go and give them a visit, ask tons of questions, find about the format of the exam, eliminate the confusing notes, and see what you should prioritize. Professors are not as scary as they seem, with their intelligence and fancy brief cases… they are actually really helpful. If this makes you nervous, a TA will be able to clear up any complicated information as well. You will definitely leave their offices at ease.


  1. Attend Lecture: I know you’re tired, and feel like you rather work on an assignment rather than go to lecture, but there is nothing more helpful in doing well in a class than actually going to the class. In lecture, professors say and show things that they may not put on Sakai. It is vital to show up to lecture and jot down as many things that seem important as you can. Being in the room while the slides are being shown is way more effective than having a friend tell you what you missed. Make the effort and go to every class. You pay for school, so try not to waste your money by skipping!
  2. And most importantly, Take Care of Yourself: You are the key to exam writing. So keep yourself healthy, eat some kale chips, Instagram them if you want, and keep water on you at all times! Night before; you know the drill… Downtown St. Catharine’s is not the place for you — but your bedroom is. Sleep is so important. You will function perfectly if you get a good nights rest.

Good luck badgers!


  1. Ashley says:

    So practical and very useful! It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve written my last midterm and these tips are DEFINITELY going up on my wall (as in actual wall lol.. not fb).. to which I will “write” them out! aha (see I’m using your tips already haha).

    Thanks Jamie and all the best with your exams/assignments too!

  2. jamie lupia says:

    you’re too kind!! thanks ashley 🙂 you too