Somehow we’re down to only two weeks left of the semester before exams begin! With final assignments and presentations due, interviews for summer jobs, and looking for a place to live next year, it’s a busy time for many of us—and it’s easy to forget meals here and there. With that in mind, here are some simple snack ideas for the next couple weeks.

The Library: Yogurt or Cottage Cheese

Ah, eating in the library. I think we’ve probably all experienced this situation: sitting up on the tenth floor, focused on an assignment, and suddenly—crunch crunch crunch. Great, someone decided to open up a bottomless bag of the loudest chips ever.

To avoid the angry glares of fellow studiers, there are quieter food options for the library! A container of yogurt, granola, and fruit makes an awesome snack. Greek yogurt with some granola and blueberries is my favourite, but there’s lots of options.

Cottage cheese is another good one. If you want to make it a little more interesting you can add some honey, peaches, blueberries, or other toppings.

Class: Granola bars, protein shakes, and smoothies

It can be hard to eat snacks during class, especially in Thistle and Dhowes, not only because of the small desk size, but also because there’s a very real possibility of spilling whatever you’re eating on the person beside you. Snacks that are easy to eat and aren’t going to distract the people next to you are granola bars, smoothies, and protein shakes. Protein shakes or smoothies are a good option if you’re in a long class and won’t have time for a meal, because you can make them with whatever ingredients you like so you know that you’re getting enough fruits, veggies, and protein for the day. There’s even a number of places to get Smoothies on Campus!

Readings and projects: Veggies and hummus

When I’m working on projects, I like to have something to snack on—and too many times by the end of writing an essay I’ve noticed that a bag of chips that I just opened is suddenly empty. To avoid mindlessly eating my way through the snack aisle, I’ve started switching out chips for crunchy vegetables like peppers and broccoli. Add a little hummus and it’s a lot more filling. Celery is another good option because you can add some peanut butter or cheese to make it a little tastier!

Late Night Studying: Dark chocolate and fruit

While veggies are great for when you need something crunchy while you power through all ten weeks of lecture slides, sometimes you need a little sugar boost. Dark chocolate squares with some berries is pretty delicious, has a bit of caffeine, and satisfies sugar cravings so you can focus on your essay. Another good one is apples or bananas with peanut butter.

With Wellness Wednesday today, if you need a snack while you’re on campus drop by Isaac’s at 7:30am for some free breakfast, or stop by General Brock all day for free fruit! Good luck with exams Badgers!

Check out the full Wellness Wednesday schedule here.