We have all had those moments; the kind where after they happen you instantly do a 360, praying that nobody saw what you just did. Your face automatically flushes and you start to feel as though you would do just about anything to crawl in a hole and disappear immediately. This post is for anyone who has had one of these embarrassing moments happen to them on campus, you are not alone. If you are simply laughing at this as none of these things have ever happened to you, karma is real. So without further a do, here are some common embarrassing moments as a Badger.hosp-dining1-1800x1100-adjusted-1800x1100

Tripping up or down the stairs in market:

The staircase in market might as well have spotlights and an announcer as you’re pretty much on display for everyone to see when you walk on them. If it wasn’t already bad enough having everyone in the market with a perfect view of the stairs, theres also that nice audience of all the procrastinating students in the library and the people walking or sitting in Thistle. It’s a pretty steep climb especially when your carrying what feels like the entire bookstore in your backpack and sometimes, you’re just a little too excited for the market stir-fry. Not to mention during a market rush hour, you’ve probably caused some traffic or there’s that one guy who asks if you’re okay and he means well, but his drawing attention to it just made it way worse.unknown-4

Chasing the Bus as it’s pulling away:

This one is just sad, not only are you embarrassed that everyone on the bus watched your attempt to sprint after and wave down the bus, but when your effort is unsuccessful you just feel absolutely rejected. In this moment, it is as if the bus driver was God and you put your fate in his/her hands but she just completely shut it down.The good thing here is, all the kids on the bus are driving away and you don’t have to see their reactions. However, when you turn around to walk away you have to pass all those people you probably just ploughed over in attempt to catch your bus.




Walking into the wrong seminar: Everyone has walked into the wrong lecture before, it sucks for about 2 seconds but its a quick in and out and most people don’t even realize because the hall is so large. Walking in on the wrong seminar however, can get weird pretty fast. This is especially awkward when you walk into a seminar thats already in full swing, a small group of students sitting in a square in a tiny room all in discussion and you confidently swing open the door and everyone goes dead silent. Then theres always a game time decision where you need to decide in .5 seconds whether to say something making fun of yourself, apologize or just make a mad dash and hope no one in the room knew who you were.



Getting Lost in Mac Chown:

Walking in Mackenzie Chown is like being in a corn maze except its just stressful and not fun because if you don’t figure it out your going to miss your class. You think your going to right way until you end up at Goodman and you are looking for the History Department. So you turn around and try again and pass by the same rooms and people and sometimes this process repeats itself. You can pretty much just tell when you pass them for the third time that they’ve caught on to your disorientation. This incident is perhaps a bit personal for myself as during the first week of school this year, I told a women working in Mackenzie Chown that my classroom simply does not exist. I eventually found it, it exists.

While being a Badger is an awesome experience, we go through quite a few embarrassing moments during our time on campus. From slips and trips to getting lost on Campus, we’ve seen it all. Don’t worry, though! It will all be worth it in the end.