Hey Badgers! Well, it’s that final stretch of the school year. Everybody is probably wrapping up the last of their school work and starting to prep for exams, but as the year comes to an end, there are a couple of things that need to be done before you leave for the summer! Here’s a helpful checklist that can ensure you’re ready to head home for the summer:

1.Make sure all you’re assignments are handed in

Make sure you don’t have any outstanding assignments! Tie up the last few weeks of school by ensuring that all your work is completed and handed in.


2. Update your resume & start looking for summer employment

Make sure your resume is up to date. You may have new qualifications or experience to put down, so make sure you review and tidy it up so you can start applying for summer jobs!


3. Clean, clean, clean

It’s time to get your things together. If you’re on residence, you’ll need to clean and move your things regardless, but if you are lucky enough to be returning to the same house the following year, make sure you don’t leave your dirty socks on the ground, or half eaten pizza under the bed. Clean your living space to ensure that you won’t be returning in September to any unwanted surprises.


4. Visit the campus store

Take a look around the campus store for either a sweater or a bumper sticker! It’s always nice to finish off the school year with some new Brock swag.


5. Pack up your things!

It may be a lot of work, but it’s a good idea to get a head start on organizing your things, so when it comes to packing up, it’s goes a lot smoother! Try and decide between the items you want to take home for the summer with you, and the things you can leave here.

packing gif

6. Say your goodbyes

Make sure you wish your friends the best this summer! Maybe go for a coffee or for dinner at Market before the end of the school!


Well, that about sums it up, Badgers! It’s time to work your butt off during the exam period, and go out with a bang this school year. Make sure you put a proper wrap on the school year by following this helpful checklist, and then it’s summer break from here on out ***insert sunglasses emoji here**.