Hey Badgers,

As we all know, exams are approaching pretty quickly and there’s not much we can do about it. Before you know it, we are all going to be lined up in a gym so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Exam Rooms are stressful, I know – but there’s some tips that I think we should discuss before we December begins.

Pick your desk wisely:


We’ve all had a desk that wobbles nonstop, and it’s annoying. Trust me, if it’s annoying you, it’s probably annoying the people around you. If you get a lucky wobbly desk, try and be considerate!

Don’t constantly tap your foot:

We all have different things that we do for comfort and to feel relaxed, but Ian Beddis Gym during probably isn’t the place to practice your tap dance moves. People WILL look at you very aggressively.

Put your phone on silent BEFORE you get into an exam:


A phone ringing in the middle of the exam is the hugest distraction, and it makes a ton of people react – from you, to those around and the invigilators. Double check that your phone is on silent just in case your Mom wants to give you a ring.

If you know you’ll be leaving the room frequently, sit close to the door if you can:

This one needs no explanation, really. Someone constantly walking down the row of chairs is incredibly distracting. If you know that you’ll have to step out at some point, plan ahead and don’t forget to let your teachers know!


Coughing Pranks are a HUGE no. Don’t Do it…

I had an exam once and there was a group that thought a cough prank would be HILARIOUS. Please don’t be that person. Just because you don’t take exam time seriously does not mean the rest of those writing should be distracted. Save it for outside the exam room.


The list could go on with exam room manners. I don’t mean to police anyone and you are free to do whatever you’d like, but let’s all try to be aware of those around us writing at the same time. At the end of the day, everyone in the room is in the same boat as the person next to them; everyone is nervous, and everyone wants to get a good grade. Having a great environment helps keep tensions low!

Speaking of keeping tensions low, IT’S WELLNESS WEEK! Here’s what’s going on through the week: