So, it’s your first time living on your own. Whether you’re a first year living in Res or an upper year living off of campus, you might have definitely had certain expectations for living on your own. No more rules, living with friends, having your own space? So many possibilities, right?!

Well, it’s only after a few weeks that you realize that some of those expectations you had might not be as you hoped. Here are some of those common expectations vs. realities that we’ve all come to realize. 

Expectation: No parents? No rules

Reality: Roommates and Landlords

It might be nice to escape the rules you’re expected to follow at home, but it’s far from the rule-free chaos world that you had been hoping for. From landlords to roommates–there’s still some strict boundaries that are meant to keep you in line. 

Expectations: “I can decorate the house the way I want.”

Reality: Found a couch on Kijiji for $50 bucks.


Well, sometimes your HGTV dreams just aren’t on your student budget

Expectations: I can cook all my own food and eat so healthy!!

Reality: Kraft dinner and pizza delivery

Speaks for itself. Being a student means you have no time to be cooking gourmet meals all day. If it’s not as quick as Kraft Dinner, it just won’t happen.

Expectations: Parties and living with your friends

Reality: Studying, studying, studying 


We’ve all said “Just one drink”. We all know it’s not true.

Expectations: Pets!

Reality: Landlord says no 

Mom and Dad wouldn’t let you get a puppy? Well, think again before bringing one home to your student house. Unfortunately, most leases won’t allow you to have a pet. But hey, fish can be great company!

Expectation: “I’m so independent and such an adult”

Reality: “I miss my mom and have called home 3 times today”


So, living on your own may not be exactly as you were hoping for. But that’s okay! As a student, you can’t expect all the glitz and glam of the bachelor or bachelorette life. In a few years, you’ll notice, adulting will get easier and things will start falling into place. And one day, when you’re a successful Brock alumni and living on your own in the city, you’ll be able to bring that puppy home.