Hello Badgers!

We are quickly approaching the final month of summer before another year at Brock starts, and I couldn’t be more excited! Being a student comes with a lot of perks and advantages; however, students are broke most of the time. With the constant rising costs of education and living, it can be hard to balance everything. Working while in school can be tricky, but there are more benefits than a simple pay cheque. Being a full-time student and working a part-time job allows students to learn important life skills – such as time management, prioritizing tasks, and multitasking – that can be applied to many career fields in the future. At Brock, there are many opportunities that students can take advantage of to earn some extra cash, meet some great people and gain some amazing experience. You just have to know where to look!


CareerZONE is an online database that connects students with employers and opportunities in the Brock Community, both on campus and in the Niagara Region. Students can upload their resume, add work experience and create a full portfolio that shows employers why they are the right candidate for the job. Departments all over campus use CareerZONE to recruit students for many positions! (Take it from me, I worked for the Office of Registrar during my first year!). In addition, CareerZONE isn’t exclusive to paid positions. Students looking to gain volunteer experience with organizations around campus and the GTA to make a difference in the world!

Log onto Brock’s CareerZONE to find the perfect job!

2. Brock University’s Student Union:

BUSU provides students with amazing opportunities to work at great places on campus. Isaac’s Bar & Grill, Booster Juice, Harveys are just a few places that the Student Union runs to provide students with awesome opportunities. Click here to visit BUSU’s job page!

3. Niagara Premium Outlet Mall:

Niagara’s new outlet mall is a huge tourist attraction, and is an amazing place for students to work. With over 100 different retailers, there is bound to be a perfect career for you! But keep in mind, Niagara Outlet Collections is much easier to access if you have a car! Here is a page where you can find all the latest job postings for Niagara Outlet Collections!

4. Pen Centre:

The Pen Centre is a great place for Brock students to look for part-time opportunities. Firstly, The Pen is only one short bus ride away from campus, so you’ll never have to worry about travelling long distances to work if you have to come back for a night class! The Pen is home to many different brands, stores and food establishments that are always looking to give students part-time work! If you are looking to work at The Pen Centre, be sure to visit their employment page here and get a resume in!

The 122 Bus goes straight from Brock to the Pen Centre in less than 20 minutes!

Have no fear, Badgers! I know how hard it can be to pay for school and still have a social life. Having a part-time job will help ease the financial tension, and you won’t have to constantly ask your parents for money! These are just a few of the options students can use to find a part-time job for the school year! There are plenty places on and off campus for students to make some extra cash! Don’t wait, and start searching! Only one month till school is back in session!