Safety Services and Programs at Brock

If there’s one thing that Brock students know, it’s that when the school week is over, it’s time to have fun! The Brock University Students Union does a phenomenal job of providing many activities and events for students at Brock, such as, Thursday nights at Isaac’s Bar or special events such as Open Mic Night. Although these events are all highly staffed and very well organized, sometimes instances (unfortunately) can happen. It is important to go out with your friends, socialize, and have a fun time, however, there are some safety programs and services around Brock that you, as students, should be aware of in case there was ever an emergency.

Emergency Phone Posts

If you are a second or third year student, I’m sure that you have probably noticed all of the blue posts that are placed all around campus with “EMERGENCY” printed in bold. I went and talked to one of the Security officers at the campus security building about some of the safety services that Brock providCU_DPS_BlueLightPhonees for students. The officer enlightened me about the purpose  of these emergency posts being a quick access button that is available in cases of emergency. Around campus, there are a total of 180 emergency phones that students have access to. When speaking with the officer, he ensured me that these posts have 24 hour surveillance with all on-duty officers linked through pagers. That way, if there is ever a problem, campus security is capable of responding immediately to ensure that the school remains safe. Please keep these posts in mind if you ever find yourself in need of immediate help!

The Mobile App

One safety feature that Brock students may not yet be aware of is the Brock Mobile App, which is available in the mobile app stores on your smartphone or device. The app has many useful features for Brock studentsBrock University Mobile App, as well as a quick use feature that acts much like the emergency posts I talked about above. With the app installed all the user has to do is, in the case of an emergency, pull up the emergency button and press it and help will soon be on its way to your location. This app is very helpful and free to all users. It’s worth a try!


Isaac’s Security

Next up, Isaac’s security. I’m sure for many students, the security crew at Isaac’s are familiar faces. Isaac’s security is responsible for handling safety and security at Isaac bar events, whether it’s a Thursday night or an all ages event on a Friday, you can count on these guys being there to make sure everything runs smoothly. Their motto is to be “Fun, Safe, Responsible” and boy is that accurate. I talked to the Bar Manager, Dan Celetti, about the safety features that Isaac’s puts into place for their fun night events and he gave me a variety of duties that the bar staff manage to make Isaac’s a safer place. First off, I was told that all security staff is equipped with their Smart Serve, First Aid certifications and their Security licenses to make sure that if an instance were to happen, that any one of the staff can respond immediately and effectively. Celetti also mentioned the new ID scanners that they use to help provide a more thorough search for proper ID’s upon entrance to try and reduce the number of under-aged students from entering the bar. Lastly, I asked how Isaac’s security is trained to handle isaacslogo_400x400conflicts that may occur at the bar. I was ensured that in all conflicts the staff is trained to be vocal and escort people out of the bar if need be, whether they are a danger to themselves or others. All staff is trained to be as delicate as possible while making sure the atmosphere is safe and fun. Also, in the case that a student or visitor is escorted out of the bar, the staff ensures that they are either accompanied with friends or provided with a cab ride home to make sure that the students are getting home safely.




Thanks for reading, and remember to keep safe, but most of all, have fun Badgers!