With midterm season upon us, every Badger needs to take some time away from the library (or Netflix binging) to enjoy one of my favourite spots on campus – General Brock. For those of you who don’t know about this amazing place, keep reading because you’re about to have your life changed. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic but in all honesty this is a sweet spot to go buy food, hangout with friends and do some school work on campus! Whether you’re a regular GB customer like myself (it’s my go to spot for writing my blogs) or just hearing about it for the first time, these highlights of GB are sure to have you stopping by on the regular.



GB has your caffeine fix to get you through that 15 page paper that you saved for the last minute or the three midterms that were all conveniently scheduled on one day. Not only is it arguably the best tasting coffee around, it’s fair-trade too! So while you might feel bad about your 5 cups a day habit, you don’t have to feel bad about where this coffee comes from. With a bunch of delicious flavours, from Irish Cream to Hazelnut Vanilla, GB is going to become a regular stop for your caffeine-fuelled student days. Bonus: they have free reusable GB cups that get you discounts on coffee whenever you bring it in (check out GB staff, Kedar modelling one above)!

Cash Back


Planning a night out as Isaac’s only to realize you got to campus and don’t have cash for cover? No problem Badgers, GB has you covered with their cash back option. Just head up to the cash register with your debit card and get that last $20 you have saved up. Look at the picture above to see how happy Kyle would be to help you out with that!

Food Options


Vegan? Halal? Lactose free? GB has all of your dietary needs met with an array of good-priced, delicious food options. From Shawarma and wraps to freshly toasted bagels and pizza, you’re not going to be hungry walking out of this place, there’s even 5c candies for sale! Plus they offer discounted rates on certain food every Friday, which every student should be excited about!

Booster Juice


So you’re craving a Booster Juice but don’t have the time to walk to the other side of campus to Union to get one? No problem, GB has their own little Booster Juice kiosk in the store! Get your strawberry sunshine and take a seat on one of the GB couches to get down to work. Superstar GB employee, Jonathan is showcasing one of these amazing creations.



Speaking of taking a seat on the couches, GB also happens to be one of the best places to chill on campus because of the comfier seating options (let’s be real, those lecture seats get really uncomfortable after a while). Not to mention they play the BEST music all the time – from Drake to classic Britney tunes that bring you back to elementary school days, there’s something for everyone.



I’ve talked a lot about how great of a spot this place is, but none of this would be possible without the best crew around running it. GB is staffed with a dynamic team of Brock’s finest students, just look at those smiling faces! With 27 students on staff, GB provides an amazing on-campus job opportunity for students, another reason why GB is a Badger fav!

Well Badgers, if you’re not yet convinced that GB is one of the top places on campus, you’ll just have to stop by and see for yourself! Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Snapchat – just scan the code below!


Have a great reading week Brock U, and I’ll see you at GB!