Getting Involved as a Badger

One of the things that makes the university experience so unique is that you get numerous opportunities to be meet new people. Here are just a few different ways to get involved in the Brock community.

1. Opportunities in Residence
Living in residence gives you great opportunities to get involved on campus and meet new people! Coming out to your house/hall/court/block weekly meetings can help you get more comfortable with living in res and meeting other people in your area, while also staying informed with any activities and programs your Academic Don, Don of Activities, Residence Education Don, and Peer Mentors (if you are living in an LLC) are planning for the residence. You can also get involved in the residence community by joining RAC, working as a Student Service Desk Clerk, or applying to be part of the Residence Life Staff in the future.

Living off-campus? BOC (Brock Off-Campus) is a student organization that helps create a community for students that live off-campus in the Niagara region. BOC can also help you find safe student housing for rent or sublet near campus and answer any questions regarding landlords, leases, and by-laws.

2. Set up your ExperienceBU account
ExperienceBU is Brock’s easy-to-use involvement portal and event calendar, organized by the Student Life and Community Involvement department. Here, you can easily find out about upcoming events happening on campus and in the Niagara community. By setting up you ExperienceBU account and profile, you will be able to customize which events and involvement opportunities show up first on the portal, based on your interests.

On ExperienceBU, you an also track your involvement and community engagement with the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum, Brock’s co-curricular program that is designed to engage student involvement inside and outside of the class. The co-curriculum consists of 10 domains, with each domain outlining numerous activities, involvement opportunities, and learning experiences in and around the Brock community to complete to fulfil the domain. Once you complete all the tasks for a domain, you will get a seal on your Certificate of Engagement and your Experience Plus transcript, recognizing your efforts of learning, skill-development, and personal growth outside of the classroom environment.

You can set up or update your ExperienceBU account here:

3. Join a Club
By joining a club, you can meet other people that have share your interests or backgrounds. With over 90 ratified clubs, BUSU offers a diverse range of clubs and associations for students to join, about general interest, academic programs, religious views, and much more!

Can’t find one that you’re looking for? With BUSU, you can start your own club! Find more information about clubs here:

4. Intramurals
Signing up for intramurals is a fun way to get some exercise as well as meet others who like the same sports as you! Brock offers a wide variety of men’s, women’s, and co-ed intramurals sports throughout the year, including indoor, outdoor, and aquatic sports. You can sign up as an individual, or make a team with your friends.

You can find more information on how to register for intramurals, as well as what sports are offered on the Brock Recreations website:

These are just some examples of the countless ways you can complement your university experience through community involvement and leadership. Brock promotes students to become well-rounded people by the end of their university experience. So go out there, get out of your comfort zone, and use both sides of the brain!